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What Is SEO?

Apr 27, 2008
Search engines have one goal, to give the searchers relevant content for their searches, and you want to be listed in the results when the search engine gives it to the searchers, that is the main goal of seo, to get you into the top ten for certain search terms, which are related to your website. But the reality is, it isn't a walk in the park to get a listing in the top 10, let alone first.

The Search engines don't pick what sites they'll show in the top 10 at random, they use highly crafted algorithms that take in a lot of information, then after they have processed your site with them, decide where to rank your site compared to others for the search term it is working on. You can be ranked for several search terms for one page, but you will have a different ranking position for each one.

Some of the external factors that the search engines check are inbound links, how relevant the links are to your content (not only the content on the page the link is on, but also the text used for the link itself), and the content of the page it's linking to. The main onsite (items on your page) that the search engines check are the content of your page (or lack of it), the Meta tags and description, and the heading of your page. The more links you have to your page, that are related to the content, the higher you'll be listed in the search engine results, so obviously, a strong part of SEO is obtaining the links to your site with the correct tags in the links, and also making sure they are on pages that are relevant to your content.

While this may seem like a basic concept, a lot of people fail at it miserably. They either get links from the wrong type of websites, or get the wrong tags in the links, or just go out and get thousands of links in a single day and get their site flagged as spam. The best way to go about getting links is trying to be a steady amount of links over a long period of time. Like if you could build 5 links a day to your website, for a year, which would be 1500 inbound targeted links (assuming you got the links on the right type of sites - and with the right tags).

In the end, to make sure you get the right type of visitors to your website, and get high in the listing, is to make sure you have good content that is targeted to the right search terms. Once you have gotten that, go out and build links, and you will rise in the search engines quickly to number one!

Remember that Rome wasn't build in a day, and neither is a popular website, just keep going and going, and you will rise in the rankings, the strong you make your website, the harder it is for people to knock you off the top ranking.
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Justin has been working in the SEO industry for over 4 years now, since then he has acquired a lot of information which he puts into practice with his websites. One of his websites is a tools site for webmasters, and you can use his Webmaster tools to give your site a health check.
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