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Don't Wait For Success To Find You

Apr 27, 2008
Personal growth has never been so attainable and affordable. Personally I think there's a great need for that in our culture, and it just feels good to be there for other people when you know how important it is to be that way.

Personally I find being happy with ones life takes care of nearly all jealousy issues. Jealousy is a cocktail of envy and covetousness and neurosis, but if you have a life in which you are happy, it's difficult to be either envious or covetous, since that would imply dissatisfaction with your own life (I'm still neurotic from time to time).

Students are being increasingly exposed to a holistic approach with meditation, yoga and prayer included as regular fare. There is an attempt to combine the best of occidental practicality with ancient oriental wisdom. Students who often fail are likely to attribute their failures to a lack of ability, the difficulty of the task, and luck.

In essence, they see their failures as beyond their control. Students are bombarded daily with credit card offers and philanthropic requests while employers are trying to communicate with them to fill their ranks with top-tier talent. The market is so saturated that investing dollars and effort may not guarantee success, but innovative strategizing will.

Success is all about having the right mindset. With the right mindset you can achieve anything. Success is very often a short-lived high. People arrive at the goal line in life, look into the end zone and discover that it contains many of the things that money will buy, but it contains very little of what money won't buy. Success doesnt always mean winning. There are other ways to win, rather than winning "the game".

Being successful is all about what you want to happen and what you choose to make out of your success.Being successful is every person's dream. Everyone of us wants to be successful in our career, family and in our total being. Being successful is a skill you can learn.

Whatever you do, in your personal life and in business, give the best of yourself. If you apply your best effort in your business, success will easily come to you. Whatever you like to do is what you are going to be able to do best. I like creating concepts, but I don't like to get involved in the day-to-day operations.

Being successful is referred to as breaking into show business.Being successful is not only about hard work, but mostly you need to learn to visualize your success and make it happen. Being successful is fun! Your single state may not be permanent but, it definitely is not to be in a comatose or paralytic state until the person of your desires arrives.
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