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Website Traffic Or Paying Customers... Which Do You Prefer?

Aug 17, 2007
"Laser Targeted Traffic"... the phrase that is on the lips, or should I say fingertips, of nearly every internet business owner online. You'll hear it and see it around every corner, in nearly every aspect of marketing procedures and in nearly every success tutorial being sold. The entity behind the phrase has become the "gold" within the "gold rush" of internet marketing. Every one wants it, every website needs it, and every marketing "guru" wants to sell you a product that will show you how to get it.

It has been said many thousands of times that successful internet marketing is a "numbers game", the basis of this statement being simple logic. The more people whom you can show your product to, the more sales you are going to make. Hence the term,"traffic". This level of traffic generally consists of "web surfers" who just like to look around for most anything that may catch their eye and that have no real interest in any particular product.

Holding with the logic of the numbers theory, it is possible to secure a minimal amount of sales from this traffic through sheer volume. The downside being that generating enough traffic volume to make any appreciable profit will often fail to justify the amount of effort or the amount of investment involved.

Taking this basic logic a step further, the statement above becomes, "The more "interested" people whom you can show your product to, the more sales you are going to make", hence the term, "targeted traffic". This level of traffic is a step forward in the marketing process and will consist of people who have a more general interest in the products that you are dealing in. Generating targeted traffic will not only help to increase your sales potential, it also reduces the traffic "volume" requirement substantially.

The generation of targeted traffic does not necessarily mean that you will have to work harder in order to find a more interested level of visitors. It simply means that you will need to increase your knowledge of your visitors desires and hone your marketing skills a bit to attract the visitors with an interest in your product. The level of effort, and the amount of investment required to accomplish this would be well justified by the noticeable increase in your sales.

Moving forward yet another step in the marketing process, we come to the "cream of the crop" when it comes to traffic generation, the so called "laser targeted visitor". This is, without doubt, the most sought after website visitor in the world of internet marketing. These are the people who arrive at your website with a definitive interest in your particular product line and are ready to purchase what they want when they find it. At this level of traffic generation, the competition to secure these visitors is, to say the least, tremendous.

To prove successful, the competitors in the field of traffic generation have evolved into not only marketers, but also advertising professionals, psychologists, market analysts, compelling copy writers, and a host of other technical and specialized job requirements that fall nothing short of incredible.

The world of internet marketing has evolved to a much more sophisticated level in recent years and the "haphazard" procedures of the past have been thrown out the window. The successful marketers of today all operate with solid business planning and procedures that are followed to the letter with precision timing and effectiveness.

Obviously, the primary focus of all of these efforts is directed at generating not just website traffic, but also generating customers. The fact is, building your business is a job that is never finished. if you are able to generate thousands of visitors to your business on a regular basis and you are satisfied with the level of success that you have achieved with your business, you've accomplished an incredible feat, one that few will ever realize.

On the other hand, if you are like most and are still in the process of building your business and focusing on ways to increase sales and decrease your work load at the same time, I suggest you take a closer look at the quality of visitors that you are directing to your site rather than the quantity.

Bottom line, website traffic generation is an essential part of any internet business plan and should be attacked from several different levels to help insure the stability and longevity of your business. However, focusing your main efforts toward "laser targeted traffic" will bring you the one undeniable necessity that your business needs in order to successfully grow which is... Customers.

One of the most effective and cost efficient means of generating visitors who have a pre-defined interest in the product or service that you are marketing is through the use of content specific articles. These articles are made available for your potential customers review through keyword searches specifically related to the contents of your article and to the information and/or products that they are searching for.

The advertising entity known as "Viral Article Marketing" has become one of the most widely successful procedures today for exposing your businesses products or services to a very nearly unlimited and yet extremely targeted audience.

The benefits in terms of exposure from viral article marketing have the potential to become massive in a very short period of time and with very little effort on the part of the author. Once you have mastered the art of creating interesting and useful content for your articles, you need only to distribute them to the hundreds of article directories throughout the internet for your massive exposure to begin to grow.

These article directories are one of the main resources used by newsletter and ezine editors to retrieve content for their publications. This provides your work the potential for major exposure in minimal time.

In the perfect scenario, your article would be reviewed by a major publisher and chosen to be included as content in a current or future issue of their publication. This would mean that your article could be viewed by many thousands of readers in just a matter of hours after your submission. Hence, you receive all of the benefit of their contact list which in many instances can be enormous.

This can all be accomplished at very minimal cost to the article author and with a minimum of effort.
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One of the most effective and cost efficient means of generating website exposure and targeted traffic is article marketing. Riley Bennett operates a successful article directory at: ArticleXplosion.com
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