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So You Want A Career In Personal Training

Apr 27, 2008
There are more young people looking for a career in personal training than ever before. The statistics show that personal training should become a booming profession with 70 million baby boomers hitting the market.

So why would you want a career in personal fitness training?

The stereotypical trainer is an ex-athlete or fitness buff personally. They have done sports all their lives and live for fitness. This is a "no-brainer" choice to go into personal training, but don't think it's all roses, because it's far from that.

You always hear the phrase, "do what you're passion about", but one thing that should be included in that is, make sure there is a market demand for that service or product you're passionate about.

I can tell you firsthand that fitness is one of the hardest "sells" in business. People don't yearn for fitness. People don't jump out of bed or off their couch screaming, "I want to exercise". In fact, it's quite the opposite. People are lazy! People look at exercise as the dreaded "work" word. Exercise is also not a quick fix solution to their weight loss and fitness needs.

With that being said, I don't want to discourage you from chasing your dreams. If you passionately want to be a fitness trainer, then go for it! Give it your all! Rise above your competition and be different. Specialize in a sub-niche of fitness and become the expert. Once you are perceived as the expert, you will have people beating down your door, AND you can charge higher fees with minimal resistance.

It's amazing how many different certifications are now available to trainers. Are they needed? Maybe, maybe not. I'm not a big believer in "paper credentials. I believe you should "pay your dues" on the street (meaning in the gym). Learn your trace and how to interact with people and get one, maybe two certifications and you'll be set.

To be a successful fitness trainer, you must learn how to communicate the "benefits" not the features of your program. People don't care about your fancy private gym, nor the 12 certifications you have; all they care about is RESULTS. Can you promise results and make it happen? If you can, you'll be a well-compensated fitness professional.

Once you've got the client you must retain them to make a career out of it. You must keep them going as long as possible. This is good for you and good for them from a motivation and accountability factor. The longer they stay with you (and pay you) the longer they will stay committed to your program and see results.

Talking about results. You must get testimonials and before-and-after pictures. This is critical to your future success as a personal trainer. Being able to show people what you've done with your clients is a huge plus in acquiring new clients.

Document your training with every client. Every positive change you must record. Once you've recorded enough of them, as your client if you can use it as a testimonial. 99% of the time they will agree to let you use it. When you do your marketing, enclose these testimonials in them. This could be your marketing brochures, newspaper ads, or on your fitness website.

If you are considering a career in personal training, just keep your eyes open and be smart about your business. There is many opportunities if you keep an open mind.
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