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Just How Important Are Back Links

Apr 27, 2008
Asking how important back links are is just like asking just how important is traffic to your website. Links to your website play a very important role in achieving better rankings for keyword searches in search engines. Any search engine optimization strategy should include a strategy for link building.

Some of the common ways of building links to your website include press releases, directory submissions and article submissions. Whichever methods you choose you should remember to use many and be consistent.

Press releases should be written by a professional. If you don't understand how to write an effective press release it simply will not be effective. When the release itself is complete you will need to distribute it through a service. Both the professional writer and the distribution service will charge a fee.

When submitting to directories you should think quality directories first. In most cases to be considered for a listing in a quality directory there is a review fee. Quality directories have editors who review sites to ensure the quality, write unique descriptions and guard against keyword spamming. The editors represent an expense to the directory owner which the review fees help to cover.

A common misperception which some people have right now is of pay for review directories being paid links which they are not. Even Google itself advises to submit your websites to quality directories in their webmaster guidelines. If you are submitting your site to a directory which charges a fee for the review of your site prior to inclusion, that is a sign of quality. The directory is ensuring that their directory links to only sites which are of good quality and content and ensuring their directory does not get spammed up with links to bad neighborhoods.

Article submissions are a lower quality link building technique, but can be an effective one. Write unique articles on the topics related to your website and submit them to article directories. The article topic creates relevance to your website. The problem with most article directories is that submitters will send the same article to hundreds of them which creates duplicate content and does reduce the effectiveness of the links within them.

A link building technique which is a constant temptation to webmasters is the outright purchase of links on other sites. This is different than a review fee because paid links involve the guaranteed placement of your site for a fee. This is a technique which should be avoided as it could result in penalties to your site by search engines. The distinguishing factor is between a guaranteed link or is there going to be a review of your site for consideration with no guarantee of placement.

If you take these methods and consistently use them in your promotion strategies for your website, you will improve your search engine placement for keywords associated with your site and bring additional traffic. We all know that traffic means conversions and success in the online community.

Good luck in implementing your promotion techniques and achieving your traffic goals to your website.
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