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How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Apr 27, 2008
Albert Einstein said, "Insanity is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Nearly every email you read these days is filled with hype or requests from the sender that we follow a link to the senders' offer. Once we arrive at his or her website we have the distinct pleasure of paying for the potential benefits he or she is advertising. Here's the insanity:

According to the latest statistics from the US Department of Commerce, less than 5% of all online businesses earn $150 to $500 a month from their Internet marketing!

From a recent independent test of currently popular affiliate programs it was recorded that less than 1% of the affiliates were earning more than $12,000 annually.

If you keep up with the latest Social Security news you'll see that the income of retirees on SS matches the income of the average Internet marketer without all the sweat and strain.

Here's what is important to think about:

Just like you will never get rich working for someone else, you'll never get rich following 1000s of other folks links to an opportunity that isn't even earning them $150 to $500 a month. Think about it!

The answer to earning real money is and has always been to sell your own original product or service. It's not rocket science. The one who develops and markets the original item(s) makes the bulk of the dollars. Everyone else gets the pennies. Here's something else you may not realize about where your business is heading...

Right now you are most likely not using articles, free or otherwise, to drive thousands of eyeballs to your offers. You might want to get started after you read this next short story.

A couple of weeks ago I received an note from an email buddy who writes several dozen articles for his promotions. The subjects match what people are looking for, based on his Google searches. He began using article campaigns to help him drive targeted traffic to his product pages and his websites.

He's now earning more than 5 figures a month and has been for over 2 years. His name is not a well known name and he's not a guru, however, he started earning at this level within 180 days from the time he started using article marketing to help him promote his products.

Here are 3 simple steps that will make it easier for you to earn a respectable income from your Internet marketing efforts. The tool is article marketing.

Read the following information thoroughly and apply it to to your online business. You'll find that you will start making progress toward earning a real income for you and your family.

1. Pick your best or favorite product or service. Decide on something that is fun or useful or both. Information products are best so begin your search in that direction.

Go to an article site like http://EzineArticles.com (one of the best quality sites currently available) and look over the categories for an article that matches your product or service.

2. Read the article thoroughly so you'll have a good understanding of what the article does to build value in the author's offer. You'll notice links at the bottom of the article that lead the reader to the author's real reason for writing the article in the first place... namely making money from the credibility and trust the article establishes (at the bottom of the article you'll see how many people have read the article).

3. Decide on the product or service you are going to promote with article marketing and write your article. At that point all that is left is to submit the article and watch what happens.

If you, like many other marketers, think you can't write an article you can always do it the easy way. Start by choosing something about which you are an expert. This could be as simple as being a weekend couch potato. This does not have to be treated like a best selling novel project.

Start a journal for the next 2 or 3 weekends. Write your impressions from watching TV till your eyes got tired. Jot down comments about the commercials, the weird haircuts of the newscasters, or anything else that triggers laughter or tears.

Now you've got an article that will match the behavior of approximately 50 million other couch potatoes who might just get a ripping jolt that you had the bright idea to write about what they do for enjoyment or just to relieve the stress of 50 hour weeks.

If you can't think of enough words or angles for your article, check into one of the many article writer's forums. Most often you'll find lots of great writers just like you. Several of them may offer tips or assistance with your first article writing project.

At that point you'll be able to be more competitive with the "Big Guys" we are already using articles as one of their marketing strategies. Hopefully your product or service will be of good enough quality to deliver a few hundred extra dollars to your PayPal account every month.

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Alex Rich PhD, is a business coach with more than 15 years of experience. His SEO approaches helped a recent client build a $7 million revenue stream in less than 9 months. Doc's consultation with an Internet business client helped deliver more than $200 million annually to their bottom line. For the latest tips that can help your site grab more traffic visit http://www.squidoo.com/topseotips
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