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Internet Marketing - My Rollercoaster Ride!

Aug 17, 2007
How Did it Start?

I have to admit that from a very young age I have been very stupid with money, I lived beyond my means and if I wanted something then I would buy it. Then my world came tumbling down when I saw the amount of debt I got into and I needed to find away out of it. I have a pretty good job but after taking out the loan and credit card repayments, mortgage and bills I was left with nothing. That's when I discovered working from home.

Burn Baby Burn

I was looking for something I could do in my spare time that would make me money, I started off with that old chestnut "make money from stuffing envelopes". What a fool I was there, when I discovered it was a scam I contacted the company to ask for a refund only to get verbally abused and have the phone put down on me.

I didn't learn my lesson after that and spent hundreds of pounds on numerous scams and poor opportunities.

Selling Ebooks

I decided to buy a package of ebooks from a seller on Ebay, I paid 10/$20 for hundreds of ebooks, which I was told I would make thousands each month from. I was so excited, I read the instructions and thought it would be simple.


The ebooks were terrible, some were not longer than a page and the information was pretty useless. Doing a search on Ebay I saw that people were selling the ebooks for a a dollar! How was I going to make money from that? This quickly went out of the window!

Turnkey Website

I thought a website would be a better option, I read in many places owning a website was the best way to make money. I bought a turnkey website which was selling information on Government Grants.


I paid for the website, hosting and a domain name and got all excited again. Once I saw how bad the website was I nearly cried, plus there were hundreds of copy cat websites all around. I knew I would not make money this way so I did not even advertise it.

I felt too burnt to carry on, never the quitter I started walking round with more caution, the naive me had gone.

I searched around in Forums, got great advice from people and started making notes on business opportunities that seemed genuine.

Diving In

Once I was sure an opportunity was legit I waded in the water and set myself targets. If I didn't feel comfortable in the program after a certain amount of time (3-6 months) I would leave it and find something else.

Multiple Income Strems

I now live by the saying that 'Multiple Income Streams is the Way Forward' or something along them lines. I never just work on one project as I love having many programs making me money. The satisfaction you get when you receive payment from different avenues - THRILL!

My Current Streams

I am currently working on:

MPAM - This is a website that teaches you step by step how to work from home. I make money monthly from this site by writing articles (they pay you $5 per article) and affiliate sales. By following their courses I have increased my earnings on other programs.

Honest Income Program, Honest Riches, Worn Paper System - These are all ebooks I have bought (I am an ebook junkie) and using methods from each of these has made me money.

UMM - A company that sells health products, I make money each month by promoting them, I earn money even if I do not make a sale.

Surveys - I am a member of numerous market research companies. By doing surveys I earn money and vouchers.

The Future

My head has always been an ideas station, which is bad when you're trying to sleep but great at other times. I am currently trialing a football betting system and if this works I will create an ebook. First day of the trial (05 Aug 2006)I won 160/$320 from a 36/$72 stake. So it's going well.

My Tips

Stay away from ready made businesses as if you're buying them how many other people you think will be too. Originality is the key.

Don't give up. There are genuine business opportunites out there you just have to search hard for them.

Work hard. In my opinion there is no such thing as Get Rich Quick. All businesses require work and plenty of it, if you work hard in the first instance it will get easier.

Visit Forums. There a thousands of like minded people wanting to make money from home. Reading other peoples stories can not only motvate you but can help you find the perfect business opportunity.

Hope all goes well with whatever path you decide to choose.
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Emma Halliday lives in the UK and enjoys reading, writing and learning new things. How I Make Money Daily
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