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The Usefulness Of Temporary Recruiting

Apr 27, 2008
Businesses and companies often have the need for short term workers to fill positions either for a matter of weeks or months. The normal way they will fill these temporary job roles is by employing the recruiting services of an agency. This makes life easier for them as they can outsource the recruiting tasks and hence, not ruin their productivity. All manner of companies and businesses use temporary workers, some may just want a worker for maternity cover, other industries such as the travel industry regularly use temporary workers for seasonal jobs.

If you are looking for work and require a quick fix, utilise an agency that specialises in recruiting temporary workers. Most temping jobs start immediately and pay weekly, they can be considered ideal for students as they usually only have a few months before they return to their studies and earning money in this off time can be essential. Remember that temp jobs are just that however; temporary, do not expect to be taken on full time after your work period is up. This is not a reflection of your worth as an employee but instead the nature of temporary recruiting services, you are purely there to fill a role while someone is away or for a seasonal business method.

One industry that heavily utilises temporary recruiting is the agricultural industry. The need for seasonal workers at harvest time is of prime importance as having enough hands to pull in a crop is essential; without enough workers the crop can be wasted and the farmer will lose money. Subsequently the importance of temporary workers in this industry is extremely high.

Temporary recruiting is normally a good stop gap measure for employers, reasons for needing cover vary greatly, an employee may have maternity leave, they may have a long term illness or they may be going for an extended holiday. Rather than hire a new employee it is usually worth hiring a temp until that person returns. Some businesses do in fact undergo recruiting for temps in order to find suitable candidates for long term employment. This way a manager can see the worth of an employee over a short period to see if they are capable and whether they fit into the work environment.

For employees who do not have a clear idea of what career they would like to enter temp work can be the perfect solution. By using the recruiting services of an agency it is possible to sample a wide variety of jobs in a short space of time. Gaining an idea of what many different job roles entail can be extremely useful in making a decision over what career path to embark on. Be careful however, undertaking temp work for too long can look bad on a CV as to some employers it may make you seem indecisive and devoid of a sense of application.

Recruiting for temporary positions is kind of a win win situation for both employee and employer. Usually the employer wants an employee for a short space of time and if recruiting for this position is quick, the situation can be perfect. On the other hand if the employee just wants a job for a short period of time, they will also be satisfied with the outcome. A problem can occur when an employee wants something more from temporary work; this however is rare as generally, all involved in the recruiting understand the needs of the other parties.
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Career expert Thomas Pretty looks into importance of temporary recruiting for both employers and employees.
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