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The Electric Pallet Truck: Stacking Up With Less Effort

Apr 27, 2008
There are several ways that you can load, stack and move material around. One way is to do it by hand. Now this takes physical labor on the part of the worker and is time consuming. Another way that you can load and move material around is to use a pallet jack. Now if you are using a manual pallet jack you still will have some physical labor involved but you can save on some time due to the fact that you move more at one time than by hand. Remember that you cannot stack very high up with a pallet jack. To really get the job done quickly you can use an electric pallet truck.

Stacking Up With Little Effort

With this nice piece of equipment, you can not only load and move more material with little physical effort but you can also stack the material up. One piece of equipment can do three functions, saving you the strain of physical labor as well as time getting the job done.

There are several makes and models that you can choose from. For that reason, I will discuss things in a general sense. So when making a decision in which brand's make and model to choose make sure to check the specifics of that make and model.

Operating The Controls

The operating system will run on two 12-volt batteries or one 24-volt battery that at full charge should offer a minimum of 8 hours of use. An electric pallet truck has fingertip buttons that make raising and lowering pallets an effortless process. The throttle that the equipment comes with will offer infinite speed variations for both forward and reverse gears.

For ease and comfort during use the equipment you have the options of a stand on platform or a sit on platform. By not having to walk to move the load like you would with a pallet jack, you are able to save on even more time.

Operator Comfort

Equipment with a ride-on platform does not operate any differently than one without a ride on platform. The only difference really is the comfort level that comes from sitting versus standing. Therefore, the choice is really yours as to which platform you feel that you need to have on site.

An electric pallet truck will come with safety features, which include a horn and reverse button warning. These safety features ensure the safety of people working in the area where the equipment will be used, thus reducing the risk of injury to those working in the surrounding areas.

OSHA Compliance

For additional safety precautions, everyone who will be operating the equipment should have OSHA Compliance Operator Training prior to use of the equipment. This ensures that everyone operating the equipment fully understands all safety guidelines.

In addition, each brand's make and model operates differently and has their own owner's manual. Therefore, the owner's manual should be read and understood by everyone that will be operating the an electric pallet truck. This all will ensure the maximum in safety at all time when the equipment is being operated.
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