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Top 5 Ways to Increase Online Visibility for Your Company (On the Cheap)

Apr 27, 2008
Increasing online visibility for your company can create lasting customers and boost sales. Below, a list of tried and true ways to get started.

1. Create a website.
Creating a website is the first step towards increasing your company's online visibility. It may be best to outsource the development of the site unless you have someone particularly web-savvy in-house. Make sure it contains necessary items like contact information, company details, company history, and whatever it is that sets your company apart from the pack.

2. Make sure your company appears in relevant listings.
Submit additional information to business information websites that allow you to edit or update the profile they have listed for your company. Sites like Goliath allow you to alter/expand the pre-existing information listed about your company, or add your company if it isn't listed. There are also a number of online publications that you can add your company to - although it's often at a price. Seek out the lists that your customers are most likely to utilize.

3. Create a presence on social and business networking sites.
Facebook and now LinkedIn both offer the opportunity to promote your business at no cost. And that's just the beginning; there are tons of sites out there that will display your company information for free. In addition, keep an eye out for industry-specific sites where your listing will be particularly visible and valuable to customers and potential partners alike.

4. Contact bloggers and other online opinion leaders.
Look for online influencers in your industry as they will likely be more receptive to your message. Send them an email and tell them what your company is all about and why their readers might be interested in reading about it. Provide a link to your website and some interesting facts or details that set your company apart. Make your messaging friendly and helpful and not obtrusive or invasive. And it's okay to be personal - after all, you want the recipient to know that you are a real person, not an automated message. Ideally, if your message is well received, the blogger will write about and link to your company.

5. Start an email newsletter.
There are lots of ways to go about this. Once you have a website set up, you can begin to collect information from users who are interested in hearing from your company regarding special promotions and updates, or just reading some insight that may be valuable to them or their business. In any case, reaching out to customers via email can help you establish and promote brand awareness and customer loyalty.
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