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Are You Making The Most Of Free Teleseminars And Webinars

Apr 28, 2008
There is now an abundance of free teleseminars and webinars available online if you are willing to do your research and look for them. Professional business people will recognize free teleseminars as a great way for you to get to know them, their product and/or service and how they can help you, so they are worth taking advantage of.

A teleseminar is an event that is hosted by telephone using a conference system. There will be a host who arranges the call on a specific time and date. On that date and at that time participants dial in to listen to them talking on their particular topic. You can have anything for 2 to 200 people on a teleseminar call.

Webinars are exactly the same except using a conference room with video facilities. Usually you will be watching the host perform a task and you will have full view of their computer screen. They take you through a particular system or process so that you can learn how to do it yourself.

Assuming that the teleseminar, tele-class, webcasts or even free offline seminar has the intention of providing value first and selling second you will have alot to gain from attending and listening to what the speaker has to say. Many teleseminars are USA based but with the uptake of webcasts - being able to listen to the teleseminar from your computer without the need to dial in - there is nothing to stop anyone from around the world taking advantage of what's on offer, time zone permitting! I have stayed up until 2am to listen to a teleseminar in the US because I love the speaker.

Many times the audio of the call is made available to those people who register so it can be worth registering even if you can't make the time and/or date because then you get to listen to the call and the questions asked/answered.

If you are looking at attending a free teleseminar, before you join the call think about any questions you may want to ask. Sometimes teleseminar organizers offer an opportunity for you to send questions in advance to the speaker and this is a great way of getting the speaker to focus on what you want to know.

Don't feel shy about speaking up, that's the great thing about being on the telephone, no one can see you so go ahead and ask as many questions as you need to in the time allowed.

Its so easy to be taken advantage of on the internet and free teleseminars are a way of helping you to feel more secure about the person you are thinking about buying from and their product, plus they are an excellent way of learning something new and maybe interacting with some new people from around the world.
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Diane Corriette hosts and promotes free teleseminars. For a list of what's available visit http://www.seminarblog.info and register to enjoy the free teleseminars or sign up to include your own teleseminar
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