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Turn A One Time Sale Into A Lifetime Customer

Apr 28, 2008
One time purchases are never going to lead you to success, you need to have long term, almost nurtured relationships with your customers so they become lifetime customers and that only is the key to your success.

No, it is not always an easy task but it is something that has to be done.

Pay attention to your customers and let them have a good degree of control over the relationship by paying close attention to them and work with him the way he wants to be worked with. Give him the information he needs in the timing he needs it, and allow him to cut you off without getting angry. Ultimately when you allow your customer to win, you end up winning too.

They want to be your customers because they need your products and services, right?

When the customer perceives you as the expert who really understands what he or she needs and when you give it to them in the way they recognize as serving their needs, you automatically turn an adversary into an ally. This will turn your customers into lifetime customers.

It seems that many companies work too hard at trying to be different when in fact all they have to do is learn to adapt their selling techniques to align with that of the customer and that will automatically put you in a class all by yourself, you will have become the point of differentiation. This requires you to be very aware of your approach to selling and the customer's approach to buying.

To be successful and turn that one time customer into a lifetime customer it is essential that you almost become like Tofu and take on the flavor of what you are with. Basically in a nut shell that means that you will be most successful when your approach is identical to the customers.

So you may find it beneficial to adapt your approach to theirs, even if it's not your natural style. Learn the secret to adapting profoundly in order to increase your sales because you possess the ability to sell to different kinds of people.

Some of the customer relationship rules still apply today regardless of where the transactions are taking place, brick and mortar locations or on the Internet, it simply does not matter, customers are still the same and fall into one of a few different categories, one, demanding, directing and domineering, two, interacting, inspiring, and influencing, three, supporting, stabilizing and steadying, and finally the conscientious, cautious and correcting customer. You will have to find out which type of customer that you are dealing with and make your approach conformed to their type in order to savor the relationship.

You may have to be clear, brief and specific with one type of customer and socialize and be friendly with another type. As you can see if you were to be a social and friendly with a type that is brief and specific, it would not work out and it is likely that you would lose that customer to someone who is able to conform to the needs of each customer. This characteristic is visible on line or in person and it is up to you to pave the way for a successful relationship with each customer to ensure that they return.

So as you can see, it is you who must learn how to adapt to varying situations because the customer is not going to change for you. Learning how to be versatile and conform to each customer type is your key to a successful and prosperous future.
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