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Building a Successful Downline

Apr 28, 2008
Multilevel marketing is definitely a very profitable business to get into if you know how to sell products and services effectively. A lot of people are making a lot of money from this business model particularly because of the various opportunities presented by the internet these days. But success does not come without a struggle because most successful network marketers had undergone rigorous and sometimes even expensive training, familiarization with network marketing tools, and the enhancement of their public relation skills. These things are all important to ensure that you will be able to build a large and profitable downline that will give you the kind of revenue you want.

If you don't see profits pouring in at the first few months of trying out this business, don't despair because you are not alone. Many network marketers also have a hard time building their downline because they are not properly equipped with the knowledge that is required to be successful in this endeavor. Following some tips can help greatly in expanding your downline.

Tip 1: Change your perception. Most network marketers believe that the company they are associated with is the best in the industry and they are pushing the same perception to their prospects. It is important to realize that people have various reasons why they are interested in joining a network marketing business and their goal may not be necessarily the same as yours. It is possible that another company may offer the kind of compensation package they crave so you need to think out of the box and put yourself in the other person's shoes. Think of the reasons why he is interested in the business and the advantages your company can give to him. It is necessary for you to emphasize not only the various features of the company and its products but how these will benefit your prospect as well.

Tip 2: Get your own leads. A lot of network marketers take the easy way out by buying leads but this is not a guarantee that they will be successful in the business. This is because the leads they buy are being sold to hundreds of other companies and individuals. Because of this, the list bought may already be unresponsive or it may have joined another company already. In addition, these leads are receiving tons of calls and e-mails from other companies per day so it is harder for you to get their attention. Usually, paid leads are not worth the investment you poured into it.

Tip 3: Choose between an established company and a startup. It would be much easier for you to build your downline if the company you are promoting is already popular or if it is already established in the industry. This is because having a "branded" company to promote immediately inspires trust unlike in the case when you need to promote a newcomer. However, this isn't to say that start-ups aren't a good option when you are joining a network marketing business; you just need to be prepared to work harder; but if joining a new company proves to be successful, you can definitely enjoy a large downline and incredible amounts of profits. It is up to a network marketer to decide whether he wants to join a company that already has a lot of members or a start-up company.
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