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The Foundation of Residual Income

Apr 28, 2008
Getting paid multiple times for doing a task once can be exhilarating. Therefore a residual income is what many people search for. Seldom does any body ever realize their goal of a secure residual income.

Linear income is what most of us make if we have a "job". We trade our skills and time for a one time payment. A person like an insurance salesperson makes commissions over and over again on the sale of the same policy.

A residual income is not easy to come by. Those who use the MLM business to build a residual income fail in staggering numbers. These numbers can be as much as a 99% failure rate.

Time is the most important factor when building a residual income. Most people fail because they don't understand how much time it takes to build an MLM business. The most important time in the MLM business is when you startup and this is when you make the least amount of money. This is when you build the foundation for a residual income.

Just like laying the foundation of any building, a lot of digging and heavy work is going on. However it appears to the outside observer that nothing is happening. When will the building start to rise; or in MLM terms, when will the downline start to grow?

In the beginning you will be setting up lead capture pages with autoresponder followup messages to lay the foundation for your business. You will begin to sign up your 1st distributors. Training these 1st distributors is of upmost importance since they will duplicate you. If you fail at this critical stage of duplication you will fail to build an MLM Business which will produce a reliable residual income.

It will cost you money to lay a firm foundation to earn a residual income in your MLM Business. You will not earn money during this period. The best you can hope for is to break even. This is the reason the failure rate is so high. Few people can overcome laying out money for 6 months, while it "seems" that nothing is happening. Get past this crucial period, and you probably couldn't stop the momentum if you wanted to.

You must have patience to endure during these early stages of your business. Get past the 1st 6 months and start to break even or earn a little money is your goal. Teach your downline about the need for patience in the beginning, and you will have a greater chance of success. There really is no alternative. A residual income can only be built with patience and a strong foundation.
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