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Anyone Can Make Money With MLMs, When Marketed Correctly

Apr 28, 2008
MLMs are by far the best way to make a substantial long-term passive income online. Most folks, however, fail with the MLM concept because of a couple of misconceptions when it comes to how they market their MLM programs.

If you read a lot of e-books on the MLM subject, you will find a commonality among top performers. That is that the MLM program itself is merely a means to an end. We have marketing systems that we use that can turn any MLM program into a success.

To give you an example, I have a system called The Real Good Life Income System. It's very simple: I have a lead capture page by which you can receive a free report on why lazy downlines can still be very lucrative. That page is linked to my autoresponder which then sends you the PDF file. You are redirected to a page where you can tell your friends about the site (or not, if you don't have any). Once you let people know (or not), you will then learn about the system. Then, once you decide you like the way the system is set up and see that you can use the exact same system (with some personal perks), that is when you are directed to sign up for the MLM programs that I promote. Two are true MLM programs (GDI and NPN), and the others are viral traffic builders.

The autoresponder is one of the most important additions to the MLM system, as most people are unsure when they first visit. Now, I provide my team with all of my personally written follow-up messages to make their lives easier. But the purpose is to touch your prospective team over and over until the time is right for them to go back and join your MLM programs. Eventually, some do.

Yes, you will have to spend money. This is a business, just like any other business. Just because we do MLM does not mean it will fly overnight with no investment of time and money.

Do not advertise your MLM. Advertise your system. Use your system website to promote multiple MLM programs to create several streams of income and traffic.

Always take OTOs at listbuilders (especially ListJoe). You will save loads of money in the long run. Once you belong to a program, use its resources. With NPN, you have ladder upgrades so you can earn more. Take them when appropriate. They also have a referral distribution system. Use it. No matter what program you promote (and it really doesn't matter, but I would suggest cheap ones like GDI and NPN that have good pay structures), if they have a feature like referral distribution, USE IT! MLMs are funny. When you allow your team to capture some of your earnings, they will stay active and continue to pay the MLM fees. That's money for you. If they aren't any good and earn nothing, they drop out, and you are left without them.

You see, you have to think long-term if you want to be successful with MLMs. This is a business worth working, but only through working it properly can you be successful. Once you have your MLM system in place, promote, promote,promote! And never give up. EVER. MLMs are great because after 6 months or so, your business will build itself. But you have to stick with it (and only it) for the time it takes to get there.

With the proper tools and system in place, along with a long-term motivation, you too can find great success with MLMs.
About the Author
Steve D'Agostino is the founder of the Real Good Life Co and owner of the Real Good Life Income System. Check out his unique marketing system and get a free copy of James Grandstaff's "How To Get Rich Building A 'Lazy' Downline" at http://realgoodlife.ws now!
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