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Keyword Selection for Google's AdWords

Apr 28, 2008
Most people know the foundation upon which Google's Adwords is based-creating an ad using specified keywords so that when a consumer searches for that exact topic Google will be able to display the ad alongside the ranks of search results.

These advertisers with Google can see ever expanding growth in the number of people seeing their ads, thereby deleting the necessity for the advertiser to use more risky advertising ploys.

How does a marketer go about choosing these keywords? What element makes one keyword list more viable that the other? Why doesn't a third bring in the viewers like the other two? Advertisers can utilize a variety of techniques that can help them get as much exposure as possible.

Right off the bat you need to think session. Sit down and while thinking of the product/service jot down all the words/phrases that pop into your mind. Don't discriminate, put down everything you think of. No holds barred.

As soon as a large list of possible keywords is put together, the list should be gone through and the words most closely related to the product/service should be selected. These words should not eliminate the possibility of the ad being shown in general searches.

Important to note here is that when keywords are not specific enough they will get too many results and the internet surfer won't see them because internet surfers tend to have a very limited attention span, meaning that if it isn't in the first 5 search result pages then they won't stick around to see it.

The bright side of this is that when they get frustrated not finding what they want the searcher tends to use more specific keyword terms. By including both broad and specific keywords an advertiser has the best odds of having their ad seen by him.

When this keyword list is established and advertiser will then go to Google's keyword finding tool to get other closely-related words that help make the Adwords campaign potentially more successful.

Remember, as progress is made with the campaign, the clear goal and number one priority is to get those ads to the people who will most probably want to buy your goods or services (these are known as the target audience).

In aiming the keywords at their desires and by using phrases they would use you can be assured that the earnings from the AdWords campaign are at a maximum while the spending is held tightly in control.
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