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How to Use Article Directories To Increase Your Website Traffic

Apr 28, 2008
The Internet holds a vast amount of data with most of it being stored in text form. Whenever search engines crawl the web in search of good sites with quality content, the only thing that matters on them is text. If your page is lacking in text, the it's likely that your page will not rank very well. Likewise if your page has alot of text, but it's not put together well, you'll probably rank poorly as well.

Enter private label articles. PLA's are bundles of articles which consist of broad categories that are available for purchase in bulk from someone who brokers articles. Usually there is a choice between buying a monthly subscription whereby large groups of these articles are emailed to you or or you are sent a link where you can download them. Single purchases of groups of articles can also be made.

Usually, the articles you will receive are made search engine friendly with relevant keywords and arranged well. The articles will have been written using proper grammar, corret spelling, and very focused on the subject matter at hand. Mainly, the articles are yours to do with as you want to. You have purchased complete rights to use the articles. You are allowed to add or remove content and put your name to them as the writer.

After you have chosen the best keywords for your website, and your way of selling, you are allowed to put the private label articles on your site. When you use the optimized keywords in the appropriate places, your pages rankings with the major search engines will very likely start to rise.

How About Using Free Articles?

Most article directories allow you to download as much content for use on your website as you'd like. The only thing that is required of you is that you keep the resource box including the author's website link and other information completely intact.

You can use these articles for free on your site. They are free as in no-cost. Howeve,r you may lose some of your perceived authority, your customers and sales. If you use a few of these articles from experts, you may not have any problems. If however you use only free articles you are sending the wrong message. Especially if you are sending the customers that you aren't too knowledgeable in the subject to be able to pen your own articles.

Also, you are providing everyone who visits your site an easy escape route onto a competitor's website. All they need do is click that link in the resource box. If the article is written well enough to keep your attention, chances are that it will grab your customer's attention enough so that they will search for the same author.

Those author's resources boxes sometimes steal your sales and along with them, your customers. You won't even know it's happening.

Improving Your Rankings In The Search Engines Using Other Things

Using the article directory method combined with the private label articles should increase your ranking in the search engines. This is the way that others use. The vast majority of articles which are submitted to article directories will be accepted if they are written competently by those who have followed the guidelines of the article directories. Make sure to give the private label articles that you have written under your own name- including your resource box, to the article directories also.

The first thing this does is set up another link to your website from the article directory. Every time someone links to your website, your ranking goes up just a little bit. This works especially well if the link includes your chosen keywords as well. Since the resource box is yours to set up, you can ensure that the keywords used are exactly what you want.
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