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Getting Vending Machines Placed Safely

Apr 28, 2008
Vending machines are found all around us so it is easy to take for granted how they got there. Since these machines are what a business owner will use to generate income, taking care of them is essential. They are often heavier than they may initially seem so you do need to be prepared. Never attempt to move any vending machine on your own as you can get seriously injured.

If you have great vending machine locations then you won't need to move them very often. Yet you will need to get them into the initial location as well as moving them when you are ready to upgrade with newer machines. Knowing how to safely move the vending machines is a very important part of this type of business.

It will take at least two people to be able to move one. There are a variety of different tools you can use to make the process easier. A dolly can slip underneath of a vending machine. This device has wheels so you can tip the vending machine back and move it. Make sure you take the time to secure the straps around it for safety as well.

I often see vending machines laid down in the back of pickup trucks. Getting them into the place is often a hard chore though. A good idea is to lean the vending machine against the pickup. Gentle lift the bottom so it can slide inside. You do want to lay something like cardboard on the bottom of the bed of the truck though. This way you won't scratch it or the vending machine.

Some trucks are equipped with a hydraulic lift which can be very useful for transporting vending machines. You simply slide it onto the lift, start the movement, and lift it up to the location on the truck where you want it. Then you can slide it back or lay it down depending on how you wish to transport it. You can do the reverse to easily get the vending machine out of the vehicle.

It may be to your advantage to hire a small moving company to transport your vending machine. They will likely have the staff as well as the tools to do the job correctly. Should they end up damaging the vending machine while moving it, they will be liable for the cost of the repairs. Of course you will find that there is an expense associated with this type of service as well.

Never take any chances when it comes to the process of moving your vending machines. You may think you are saving time by doing it yourself but you can end up injured. You may think you are saving time by not strapping the vending machine down but you can ruin it. There is too much money invested in such equipment to take big risks like that.

Safety is always the first priority when it comes to moving vending machines. You need to protect yourself first and then your vending machine. Do your best to keep all of the equipment free from scratches and dents. If you are using the right safety equipment there is no reason for them to be dropped either.
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Robert Farnham built a profitable vending business after starting totally the wrong way. He now writes about building a vending locating business and the pitfalls to avoid. Visit his website at My Vending Uncle for more.
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