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10 Creative Photo Ideas

Apr 28, 2008
1. Join photography forums. The internet is a great resource for linking people together. Join a photo forum and share pics, tricks and meet some fantastic photo-crazy people like yourself.

2. Enter photography contests online. Contests often give you topics or themes which can give you inspiration when you don't know what to shoot.

3. Watch Movies. It is another source of inspiration, as they are nothing more than still images shown to you at 29.97 frames a second. Lots of ideas for concepts, lighting, messages, or just plain pretty images.

4. Look at things through the eyes of creativity. Pick anything and shoot it just to see what it looks like: things around your house, in the refrigerator, etc. The subject doesn't really matter all that much, what matters is how you shoot it. Shoot, shoot and still shoot even more. Digital is cheap.

5. Composition is king. Take time to consider the layout of your image. Imagine the photo in your head. Try and discover new angles and lighting- see things like you've never even thought of seeing before.

6. Plan a trip to a local botanical garden or a zoo. Make sure to visit such places from time to time, - there are lots of things to shoot there.

7. Shoot boring things. Take a look around you in a whole new way. Make an effort to shoot things that you would never consider shooting. A bottle. A phone. A lamp. Anything, just shoot it in lots of different ways and see what comes out.

8. Explore the web. The internet is an amazing resource for visual inspiration. Type anything you can think of into the search engine and see what comes up. The internet gives you access to lots of amateur photographer's work, among them some hidden gems, which will surprise you.

9. Carry your camera with you everywhere you go. Often a great photo opportunity will present itself for only a moment. Take advantage of what life throws your way by being prepared.

10. Shoot at different times of day to achieve different types of atmosphere. Experiment with dusk, noon, night and see what fits with your subject matter best.
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