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Tips For Forum Marketing

Apr 29, 2008
First time Internet marketers most likely have a relatively small budget and are unable to financially support some of the big advertising campaigns that will drive more traffic to their website. Ironically, without the traffic, they're unable to afford the campaigns, so they need to think of a way to inexpensively drive traffic to their sites. Participating in forums is a great, low-priced way of generating targeted traffic and raising the number of hits on your website.

Forums are online communities where members post questions and help each other out by answering others. One of the most appealing things about forums is the fact that each forum has a specific topic. For instance, one forum may be based on the Atkin's diet, while another revolves around Weight Watchers. After finding a forum related to your niche market, the most important thing is to frequently answer member questions. Make sure you include your site name and address, along with a unique selling sentence, under your signature on each answer so that members can recognize your expertise. If members like and appreciate your answers, they're likely to visit your site and become potential customers.

There are several other ways to use forums as marketing tools, some of which are listed below:

1) Target forums that are based on topics relative to your business or expertise. Create new threads and post messages on the forum, offering your knowledge, branding your name and building your integrity.

2) Create a linked signature, which will be shown at the bottom of each post you create and answer you offer to members. The signature will allow members who appreciate your posts and input to visit your site and become customers or at least sign up for more information.

3) Manage your forums wisely. Rather than posting replies or threads in every single forum, find five to ten where you can become extremely active and create at lest five posts daily. People will begin to recognize your member name as well as the business you're marketing.

4) Create threads on hot topics regarding your niche. Rarely are people trying to find solutions for problems that no one has or that people have already solved years earlier. Internet users go to forums to get help with or ask questions about something that is currently happening, so offering good answers will show them that you really know your stuff and are not just researching instances from the past.

5) Reply to posts with quality and thorough answers. When people realize you're an expert in the subject, they'll begin to seek you out to ask additional questions and will respect your knowledge. When people trust you, they'll trust your business.

6) Save and track your forums for reference in the future. There are several systems available to help do this and it could be incredibly beneficial if you want to look back and find out what your target customers are interested in.
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