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Home Business: Top 10 Tips for Beginners

Apr 29, 2008
Starting a "real" business is hugely expensive. You need to rent an office, equipment, furniture, inventory, staff etc etc. The one way to get into business without all that expense is to start a Home Business. Anyone can start a home business. There are no special educational requirements. It does not matter if you are young or old, male or female. You can start it in your guest bedroom and move into a big corporate office when you have made it big. Starting a home business is very inexpensive and many people are making tons of money. You can too!

Traditional businesses often take years to get into profit, if at all, many simply fail. Your home business could be profitable within a month. Pretty fast huh? All it takes is for you to get started, nothing is going to happen until you do that. Once you do you will be on your way to building something you can be very proud of. The amount of money you will make will often have to do with how much effort you invest. Generally its going to require a lot of effort in the beginning, especially if you are on a tight budget. Once the money begins coming in, invest in time consuming software and look to outsourcing some tasks.

Believe in Yourself. It will be important to have a positive attitude and a strong belief in yourself when and if things get tough.

Start With What You Know And Are Passionate About. Draw a line down a piece of paper. On the left write down all the things you are interested in. In the second column write down the same words again but this time they need to be the ones you actually know about. Those are the things you should distil down. Once you have one thing that you know about, are passionate about and think you could make money fromchoose it and go for it.

Planning. Yes, you do have to plan or you plan to fail. Figure out how much your costs are going to be. How much profit you need to make on your costs and that's your income target. Doing this gives you a goal and to work it out you need to know your costs. All of a sudden you have a budget. Now make a plan on how to get those sales.

Dream Big. You need to have a big dream to make it big. Really think about what it is that you want from life. What are your goals and dreams. Write them down. Look at them every day.

Honesty Counts Be a decent honest person, it will pay you in the long run.

Seek Assistance. Everyone needs help and guidance from time to time, seek out an expert and do not be afraid to ask for help.

Seek Out Winners. Those that have achieved and are where you want to be are the only ones you should take business advice from. Do not listen to friends or relatives. If they actually knew how to run a business they would already be doing it.

Time Leveraging. Your most valuable asset is time, once spent it's gone. Use it wisely. Do not try and do all the tasks and jobs your home business needs done. Prioritize. Outsource the repetitive menial tasks, focus more on the things that make the money. Also outsource all tasks that require higher skills than you have, like bookkeeping for example.

Find The Positive. There will be situations which are not a lot of fun. When this happens look for the positive. Make lemonade out of lemons. A bad day working for yourself is always going to be better than any day working for someone else.

Keep Accounts. Every business, even yours needs to keep records of income and expenses. Hire a bookkeeper and send all your bank records and receipts to be put into proper accounts. How else will you know how much money you made and how much tax you need to pay.

Have Fun. Do things during the day that most people only dream of. Go to the movies, go to the beach, go shopping. I mean during the normal work day, not the weekend. It feels great to do normal things during the work week while everyone else is at their job.

I hope these tips help you in your home business. It can be a difficult and lonely career but it can also be extremely rewarding both financially and emotionally. Yes I know there are 11 tips; I just wanted to give you a bonus .
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