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Mlm Training - How To Read Your Home Business Prospect Like A Book

Apr 29, 2008
Many times in a home business presentation there comes a point that you just have to wonder...

"What are they REALLY Thinking?"

Because many prospects do not show that much emotion,there can be a guessing game in the throes of the process of recruiting,retailing, or even just simple conversation.

Many people do not know how to "read" a prospect and how to respond accordingly with the words and many times resistance given to a Networker. Many times a networker will try and move the prospect too soon to another exposure, and totally turn the prospect off. It will be perceived as PRESSURE. And then no matter what you do, that wall is up, and it is so tough to bring it down.

And at other times, you may miss a "forward signal" that means they are ready to move forward and look at something else. If you miss it, then you may not get another chance as it is much like a bell curve.

The presentation and telephone conversation is like a bell curve. It starts at the bottm, and then goes up and then hits the top, and then you are going down the backside. That is much like how a prospect's reaction is to a networking presentation or conversation . And you need to learn to read the signs that the prospect is giving you so you know which way to go.

Here are 5 signs that can help you know where your prospect is when you are trying to recruit or retail to them:

1) They keep looking away from you.

This is a sign that they are not that engaged and you need to do a couple of things:

Say there name. This pulls them back in. Give them something to look at. If on the phone- ask them to give their opinion or insight on something.

Keeping their attention is critical and you MUST pay attention the first 5 minutes. If they continue to look away, or remain silent on the phone, ask them "Is this making sense to you...?"

2) If they have their arms, hands, or legs crossed, they are in a defensive posture.

If this happens, give them something to hold or read, and let them talk about themselves and ask questions.

Many times people will cross their legs and are simply getting comfortable. But if their legs AND arms are crossed, you need to get them out of that defensive posture. Get them smiling, laughing, and enjoying the time with you.

3) If they lean back from you, they are not buying whaqt you are saying.

You need to ge them leaning towards you. How? If they start leaning back, reach out and give them something to hold or look at. If they are still leaning back, hold something and ask them to lean forward to look at or give to them.

If they are still leaning back, do not invade their space. There are some people that simply enjoy leaning back at times. But get them to lean forward by lowering your voice, or saying their name.

Leaning TOWARDS you is a must if you are to move them towards you psychologically.

4) On the phone, if their vocal energy drops, that means you are losing them.

And you must get it back up. How? Ask about them, their future, their kids, anything that they will start talking about. Most prospect's energy drops because you are not talking VALUE or what is valuable to them.

Keep your conversation about the Value that your business and products bring, and ask them about what they would like to bring more value to in their life.

Keep it ALL ABOUT THE PROSPECT. Because it is.

5) If they push the brochures or CDs, or products back towards you, then they are distancing themselves from your offer.

What do you do? Do NOT push it back, or pressure. Talk to them about what they are looking for, and then ask,"Can you see yourself becoming successful in a great business like this?"

If they answer "No," then you must focus on the product. If they are not interested in the products, then simply ask them for a referral.

"I appreciate your honesty. Maybe you can still help me. Who do you know that this would be more appropriate for?"

Reading your prospect can be summed up in one sentence:

If they are leaning towards you smiling, asking questions, and reaching for the brochures or products, they are where you need them. If they are leaning back, remaining silent, and arms crossed, odds are, they are not where you want them.

If on the phone they are silent, unengaged, and seem uninterested, odds are they are not. Ask lots of questions and talk about the prospect.

And contiune to keep the prospect ENGAGED in the conversation. Keep it all about them, and they will have less defenses up when you are talking about your networking home business.

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