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Sit Down Coffee Shop Success

Apr 29, 2008
You may be surprised to learn that not all customers are waiting for the next Starbucks to pop up. Instead they are longing for the sit down coffee shops of the past. These types of establishments are known for offering the best tasting coffee and the best service in the industry. If you look at some corner businesses you will get lucky and discover there are still a few of them remaining.

Of course this type of sit down coffee shop isn't going to offer you 100 different flavors for your coffee or latte. Instead they are going to offer you basic coffee but that has been made with the finest ingredients. This is a concept that sits better with customers than one might think. Coffee has been loved by people for decades, even before all of the other options were introduced.

Some of them don't serve cooked meals, but rather deli style of sandwiches. They can also be a part of a nice bakery. Sweets always seem to go very well with coffee no matter what time of day it is. You may need to try out a couple of these different coffee shops to determine which environment you feel the most comfortable in.

In addition to offering great food and plenty of room to sit down, sit down coffee shops aren't as wild. People don't have that sense of urgency in their eyes that result in them cutting in line and pushing their way back out the door. Sometimes there is a line and you can't even get in the door at some coffee shops. Instead take a more practical approach and enjoy the social atmosphere.

The personal service that you will find in most of these types of businesses keep people coming back. They love being greeted by name from a friendly waitress. They also know the coffee is going to taste great and the food they may order will be delicious too. These are often independently owned businesses that don't get recognized by everyone.

You may find this to be a nice change from your usual coffee hang out. If you feel like you are spending too much for coffee or waiting in line to long, check a couple of them out. This is a great way to relax before work or to have some time for yourself in the afternoon.

You can be sure these small but profitable coffee shops are very appreciative of the business they have. They strive to offer the best products and services to everyone that comes in. Some of the coffee drinkers have show up each morning for years. That tells you that they have worked hard to build a loyal customer base.

In order to do this though, a coffee shop has to offer plenty of seating, a comfortable environment, well trained employees, and excellent coffee. They have learned to be flexible with trends that come and go. However, they have also developed some sound business practices that have stood the test of time.
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Karyn Lewis writes about the ups and downs of the coffee shop business. Avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they buy a coffee shop and read more coffee related articles at her site.
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