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Understanding Gourmet Coffee

Apr 29, 2008
Have you done your homework with gourmet coffee? If not then you need to get a move on it. There is very little chance your coffee shop is going to do well if you don't know much about what it is that you sell. People aren't going to pay for coffee that is low quality and if that means they have to go some place else to get what they want they are going to do so.

You definitely want to use coffee beans that offer the two most frequently drank types of gourmet coffee. The Arabica coffee beans is pure in itself as it is never mixed with any other types of coffee beans. They are grown in locations all over the world so you won't have to worry about paying to more for them due to the cost of importing.

Yet you can't buy gourmet coffee beans and grounds based on the names alone. You have to be on a quest to find the very best in quality. They also need to smell very good so that customers will find the aroma appealing when they stop in for a cup of coffee no matter what time of day it is.

Don't get fooled into buying lower quality coffee though just because it has a good price. In the end this is going to discourage your customers from ordering from you again. There are enough coffee shops out there that they can take their pick of where they want to spend their money. It is the wise coffee shop owner that never forgets that fact.

To get samples of possible gourmet coffees you can offer in your business contact a supplier. They will be willing to work with you in the hopes that you will commit to buying all of your supplies from them. Once you find a good supplier you should work to negotiate prices with them so you can save money but not sacrifice quality at all.

The way in which you mix the coffee will be important as well. It will affect the taste more than you know. Make sure you have equipment that works well to mix the right amount of coffee with the right amount of water. You always want to use clear and delicious tasting water to make gourmet coffee.

Pay attention to what your consumers say about particular types of gourmet coffee as well. Some of them that you offer will be huge hits and others will barely sale. Use that information to tweak your menu so that you aren't buying supplies that you can't use. If you think poor sales of a certain gourmet coffee are due to a lack of trying it, offer it as a special one day.

As the owner of a coffee shop, you need to always focus on the quality of your products. This is an area where you never want to waiver. Customers have to know they can rely on you to serve them gourmet coffee that is hot, fresh, and delicious every single time that they come in to order a cup.
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Karyn Lewis writes about the ups and downs of the coffee shop industry. Avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they buy a coffee shop.
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