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Choosing The Coffee Beans For Your Shop

Apr 29, 2008
Customers that go to a coffee shop all have different ideals in mind. Some of them want a basic cup of hot coffee. They may want it decaffeinated instead of regular but that is something you should be offering. Many consumers in this market are enjoying the premium variations that are offered as well.

Organic blends of coffee have really become popular. These blends are grown without and pesticides or chemicals. It is all natural and in most cases even the fertilizer for the coffee beans to grow are recycled waste. This is an excellent way to show you support efforts to protect the environment. If you haven't tasted organic coffee, you will find it tastes very good too.

Coffee is also light or dark in color. The darker the color is the stronger the flavor of the coffee is going to be. There are plenty of excellent options that fit into this category as well. Many people find espresso to have too harsh of a taste for them. A better choice may be mocha java. It has a smoother taste that is also very sweet.

Vienna blends of coffee are very popular as well. This is because they don't contain very much oil in them. This is why the beans have a sweeter taste associated with them. You will notice Vienna coffee has a unique smell to it but one that you will likely find to be very nice.

It is important to offer a wide selection of types of coffee at your business. This way you will have all you need in order to keep customers coming in. You will also have what they want in order to keep them coming back on a regular basis. You need to take your time selecting what you will offer though.

It can be hard though to decide exactly what you do want to offer them. Try to go to various resources to test out coffee drinks. Look for a supplier that will work well with you in this department. You want to know every single type of coffee that you offer your customers is the very best it can possibly be.

The answer to what types of coffee you should be offering though will be right there in front of you. Monitor what seems to be selling well and what isn't. Allow customers to write down suggestions so you can see what their unmet needs are. This is a great way to keep them in the loop. Pay attention to new types of coffee that come out to the market as well.

Don't let the cost of coffee items affect your ability to serve the best tasting coffee in your business. You are better off buying the better quality of coffee blends and charging more than selling lower quality items for a lower price. You will find if you give customers what they are looking for in a coffee shop you will be seeing familiar faces several times per week.
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