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The Worst Mistake People Make When Starting A Business

Aug 17, 2007
Whether you have an online business or offline business you must have a certain factor and element within you, in order to succeed in both productive and financially. Today, 95% and more of businesses popping out online and offline fail because of two vital important factors in a businessman or businesswoman. Those elements and factors a businessman or businesswoman should have are: Passion and a Plan.

You see, without passion you dont have enthusiasm and desire for achieving a task or a complete project. You may have the education and knowledge to partially have the business successfully financially, but not have it successfully for a lifetime the entrepreneurial style. In short and precise words, it is that simple. In a great example:

Let us say you are a Jet-Ski beach enthusiast and that you love going out camping with friends every time you have a Saturday and Sunday off. Do you think that desire and enthusiasm are the main factors of why you love having fun while going out with your friends for such event, or do you think both desire and enthusiasm are the elements that go primarily within the factor of passion?

The answer is: We as humans have a passion for keep doing things we love and keep doing as a habit. That brings our most of foremost important elements- the elements of enthusiasm and desire. So, in order to success in business you must have at first a passion, then after the most important elements for succeeding in business and in life itself such as desire and enthusiasm will come alive immediately within you. Such important factor and element are of most important for succeeding in business and in life for a lifetime. Nobody can take that away from you. You are the owner and master of your own passion for your business- you either have it or do not have it. If you have it, you are most likely to succeed faster and in better financial ways in both the short term and long term. If you do not have passion, you are most likely to fail both short term and long term both in productive ways and financially.

You must assure yourself that every business, task and project you decide to start and develop, you apply the factor passion as the primary source for keeping you with the desire and enthusiasm to thrive your online and offline business. The second most important factor to always apply before starting a business would be- a plan. Another great read will be: The Greatest Factor People Fail To Do Before Starting A Business.
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