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The Law Of Attraction - How Do I Unleash It On My Home Based Business In 2008?

Apr 29, 2008
The Law of Attraction - How do I Unleash it on my Home Based Business in 2008?

Q - "How do I use the teachings from The Secret like The Law of Attraction to enhance my Home Based Business this year?"

A - The first thing to understand is that you are intended to Manifest Positive Conditions to "Un-Leash your Subconcious Mind" into Self Made and Inspired Wealth Creation - Warp Drive.

Q - How exactly Do I Manifest Wealth Creation in my Home Based Business?

A - Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest any type of success is a LifeStyle - Not a Hobby. One passive way is to let the Law of Attraction mindset "pop in" in your daily work and personal life moments. Some examples of Manifesting using the Law of Attraction are:

1) Using the Law of Attraction mindset while peacefully and serenely Meditating. You do this by Thinking a Focused Positive Based Outcome of Your Spiritual Intentions. Then you simply take that Focused Intention, put it in the Visor of your "Law of Attraction Dashboard" and go Deep into the Meditative World with the calmness of a seculded pool of water. Not a single stir - You just Are...... Do that for 20 minutes a day. Be a Fan in 30 days or Less ~

2) Having Uplifting Continuing Ed. Home Business Training CDs (For example) to set the experience in the Car or Office. Use that dead time to Transform your home based business by Educating you to the proper and proven home business strategies. Especially in today's times. Free time is always a "Cash Savvy" tradeoff now -

3) Enjoy Law of Attraction style - Quiet Time with the entire family tonight. Take the board game Monopoly - and use real life experiences to Brain Storm into better situations with your home based business. Use is as a method to Shake Up your Typical Thinking Response and to Uncover many potential "Hidden Home Business Cash Flow Gems...".

4) "Be the Law of Attraction Lifestyle" - Wear it in your life like a hand taylored silk shirt from Italy... Always project attractive grace and persona and the Reflection will typically honor you...

How Do I use "Law of Attraction" or "Manifestation" Principles Mentioned in the movie "The Secret"? It's probably my most commonly received question.

"Visualize the 'Law of Attraction' as more of a 'Universal Enabling Principle'." - Glen Stewart

That is the essential key. Typically - the "Law of Attraction" student feels disconnected both to it's uses and how to "Unleash it"... "I believe the solution is to have the students go through a series of actual hands-on transformational experiences." - Glen

The 5 Keys to Unleashing Positive Manifestation:

1) - An "Enhance-Able" goal to focus on.
2) - A Vibrant Physical Body.
4) - Positive Manifestation "Mentoring".
3) - Positive Manifestation "Catalysts".
5) - "Perfect Practice" - Every Day.

What is the best way to learn "Spiritual Manifestation"? I personally recommend to "Experience it" - Rather than read, hear or watch accounts of it. Why?

1) - Because the experience of actually "Doing it" and doing it again each day "Polishes the Spiritual Persona".

2) - "Practice Does Not Make Perfect - Perfect Practice Makes Perfect" ~ Vince Lombardi

3) - The "Bookshelf Effect" - Sadly, too many families put their Books, Tapes, Home Study Courses and Workshops on the Bookshelf ~ And LEAVE them there.

"20% actually Do What 80% Dream about..." - Glen

Typically - these books, tapes, courses and workshops are "Trophies of a full Education". At that point - those educational materials became dusty trophies however, not Cherished, Life Changing Tools to refer to Daily... What is my solution to all of that? Take action with my Home Business Secrets 101 training.

"Yes or Yes?" - T. Harv Ecker

For more Revealing Law of Attraction and Home Business Secrets - Go to the website I listed in my Resource below. - Glen B. Stewart
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