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How to Use Testimonials for More Effective Marketing

Apr 29, 2008
Publishing sincere and gracious customer comments about your company is one way of letting people know what others have enjoyed about their experience with your business. These are difficult to come by, especially at first. Putting in the work and resources to seek them out, however, is a great way to use honest testimonials in your marketing strategy.

First and foremost, you must reassure consumers that what they see listed on your website are not false testimonials generated by someone in your marketing department. It could be disastrous to your credibility as an online merchant and business owner in general if you publish fake claims about your products. Savvy buyers are quick to realize that companies who need to fabricate information about their services are not genuine or trustworthy.

Getting current customers to write them for you is simplest way to go about it. By including many chances for customers to give their opinions before, during, and after their shopping experience you gain valuable insight about your product. In doing this, you also identify consumers who might be willing to let you publish their feedback.

To persuade current clients to fill in the survey, give them a coupon for their next purchase or even a free item. This would be the most straightforward way to approach people to review products for you. There is an extra air of authenticity to this method because they chose your products all on their own.

If you don't have any current clientele, build an opt-in feature on your website to capture email subcribers' information. Then you will have a set of warm leads to whom you can propose a free product if they agree to review it. When using this approach, make it clear that you are seeking honest opinions and are not trying to buy a testimonial.

Make it clear that you are inviting all opinions, positive or negative. This will improve your product and improve your chances of getting a response. Generally people enjoy giving their two cents when something matters to them. Solicit the types of testimonials you want from people by giving them the type of service that warrants a fantastic review.

It is tough to remain competitive with businesses who do not choose to generate valid testimonials, but it is possible. First time small business owners are almost always highly surprised by the cost of marketing. To promote your business properly, sometimes it is necessary to eat the cost of more discounts and freebies associated with testimonials.

Using testimonials is a great way to polish the image of your business. Trusting that your honest business practices and high quality service will lead you to success can be difficult. It is only a matter of time before others recognize your strengths and pass this information along to others.
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