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Green Janitorial Pretenders

Apr 29, 2008
It may be amusing to see the sudden interest in moving to a Green business as this trend continues. Many companies are now realizing that the Green economy is going to hurt or help the revenue of their business. Suddenly, these business endeavor to demonstrate their Green commitment though it has only commercial value. Frankly, it doesn't take much to pretend to be Green because the public is still trying to figure it out.

Greenwashing is the overt or subtle pretense that a company or service is Green though it has made only a token effort to earn that reputation. The eagerness to promote and create business can view the Green market as just another opportunity. Therefore, we will find those who make a token effort to be Green that does not actually represent their real intentions.

Let me explain what will happen as the janitorial world comes to terms with the rising Green demand. The first stage is the over-simplification of the concept which is typified by done a token effort to make the company or service Green. In the janitorial service, this happens when a firm starts to buy some Green products thinking that they can now represent to their customers that they are a "Green Janitorial" service. You might also wonder if buying a dress makes a man into a woman. It is the mindset that makes the difference, and it rarely works to take a challenge only the first mile.

What will happen next is the "Green Equalization" when every company has some Green products and promotes their company as Green on their website. When everyone has a few Green products, how can we tell the sincere companies from the pretenders?

Training and certification brings an independent third party into play that will certify that a firm has met a basic standard of conformity to good practices. Green Clean Institute does not sell products nor operate a janitorial service on the side. It is an educational and independent certifier of reputable Green services.

We already see Green pretenders in the market. The question is how will you separate yourself from the crowd and stand out as the credible and reliable service that deserves the business. Green Clean Institute certification is the answer that your clients will appreciate and trust. In a world of Green wanna be's, shouldn't you be the real thing?

We are in an age when janitorial services are not just the duty of sweeping floors and emptying the trash. The level of performance has raised, and your workers need to be part of the solution. There are over 1,00,000 janitorial workers in the United States, and this has huge implication at every level of our business world. If we treat them as mop and bucket people, you will never have a Green service. Train and certify your workers to provide the best of Green cleaning in a world asking for just that!
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Every janitorial business will need to be be Green Clean certified or lose business. Green Clean Institute offers a federal trademark janitorial training and certification. Do not dare to pretend it as a Green janitorial business.
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