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Google AdWords Defined

Apr 29, 2008
Over the last decade the internet has become a global hub, an axis upon which the world turns. There are millions of businesses all over the world that would be suffering should the bell for the stock market exchange ring Monday morning and the internet not be fully operational.

Out there in the world wide web there exists a creature of opportunity, a man or woman keeping their eyes on the happenings and trends going on around them and waiting for the opportunity to make a profit.

The key to that is in the details and tricks of the trade of internet marketing. Before the internet came along, the ability to be profitable depended primarily upon getting beyond close proximity. Televisions and newspapers let the businesses reach out to big consumer audience but his efforts were curtailed by the simple fact the television broadcast areas were only so big and newspaper delivery usually did not extend beyond the continent it was printed on.

This was altered by the internet. All of a sudden..

Information is sent between business associates around the world in just minutes.

Consumers could shop hundreds of thousands of stores in the blink of an eye simply by entering a few words into an internet search engine.

Previous to the internet a marketer had restrictions on the people he could reach but now he can put up a web page and do some advertising and reach most of these unreachable markets.

In order to follow the latest internet marketing trends, Google initiated Adwords. Adwords is the means advertisers can use to make an ad campaign that is centered around a set of keywords relative to their product or service that they are marketing. These ads grab the attention of people searching under this topic on the internet because they are displayed prominently on the search results pages on Google. Because of that the odds of the ads being see are greatly increased.

It can be tricky to register a Google Adwords account. If a marketer is smart he'll be anxious to make several ads to show off their product.

In order to prevent advertising dollars from being wasted it is essential that the profit brought in by each ad be able to be measured. Although this step is a vital part of any internet marketing campaign it is particularly important because Google AdWords operates on a pay per click basis.

This boils down to Google allowing business owners to manage their ad campaigns with the agreement that they will charge them a fee whenever a searcher that sees the ad decides to click on it, even if they don't buy something.

The fees they charge are not very large ones ($0.05 to $1.00 at most), but the money can ad up fast if you get a web surfer who gets click happy.

It is helpful that Adwords has a feature that allows the advertiser to put a ceiling on the spending in the campaigns. Once the ceiling is achieved the ads are no longer displayed until the budget is reactivated, usually on a daily basis.

AdWords has prospered because it helps advertisers reach their advertising goals while also helping them to keep an eye on the budget.

Those desiring to open an Ad Words account can do so by going to their web page at www.adwords.google.com. It is free to sign up but the rewards are sky high.
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