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5 Top Ways Of Increasing Your Affiliate Income

Aug 17, 2007
If you have signed up with an affiliate program, your main objective is to grow your weekly or monthly affiliate checks.

So how can you ensure that you gradually increase your affiliate income?

1. Have your own website. If you take your affiliate marketing business seriously, you must have your own website. It is a good idea to build your own website where you can promote the product. You must get your own domain name, and it is not a good idea to use a free domain site. It is not very expensive to get your own domain name. If you do not know how to build your own website, you can find various sites on the internet where you can learn this, or you can pay someone to create the website for you. Having your own website will also create the impression of long-term commitment from your prospective customers point of view. It shows that you are serious about your business and the affiliate products that you are marketing.

2. Write and distribute articles. This is one of the common and easy ways of getting traffic to your affiliate website. You must include a link to your website in the resources or authors box. You can submit your articles in many free directories. If can afford it, you can also use some paid services where your article is distributed to many directories. The more articles you write the more clicks you can get on your link.

3. Use a blog. Blogging is one of the very popular and effective ways of marketing your affiliate programs. You will need to create a blog and link back and forth to your website. This will enable you to create discussions on the blog about the affiliate products you are selling. Try to blog as often as possible. Busy and active blogs get indexed by search engines quickly, and this will help you get traffic to your affiliate products website.

4. Have your affiliate links in your signature. This is a free and effective marketing technique. It is a good idea to participate in relevant forums, and you must have your signature with your affiliate link. This is a very effective way of getting targeted customers. It is also important to have your affiliate link in your email signature since anyone you communicate with can be your potential customer.

5. Write reviews. Writing reviews about the affiliate programs that you are promoting is one way you can use to get traffic to your website and increase your sales. You will need to know the affiliate products very well so that you can write good reviews about them. You can post these reviews on your website, in articles, in your newsletters or any other relevant websites that accept product reviews.

Simply follow some or all of the options outlined above, and you will soon see an increase in the traffic to your affiliate link. The more visitors you get to your website, the more sales you make.
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