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Need A Web Host? Here's What You Must Get

Apr 29, 2008
Choosing the right web host is a little like choosing the right shop for your business. In saying this I don't mean location but size and facilities. We will discuss location in another article.

Your business plan would include looking over facilities offered and how they would go with your needs. When choosing a web host you'll want to do the same. There are definite requirements you would make sure are available. You would also ensure you had the right location.

How Much Space do you Require

How much space (disk space) do you need? Here it is wise to get whatever you can afford. Most websites will run on just a few MB. You need to find out if you can upgrade without difficulty. If you plan to run a membership site with lots of downloads, you will need more than 500MB. You will find that there are plenty of web hosting providers that offer up to 1GB or more for very reasonable rates.

What is Bandwidth?

Basically it is the uploading and downloading from your site. Each time you get a visitor to your site they view your site page or pages depending on how many they view. Each time a page is downloaded or viewed by your visitor they are using bandwidth. Hosting companies will limit the amount of bandwidth you use. This information has appeared on your visitors computer because their computer has downloaded the information. This downloading is calculated and is called bandwidth. The more bandwidth you have the more surfers you can have without having to pay additional fees. You should always be able to upgrade to a bigger package and get more. Several companies also offer unlimited accounts.

Will You Require A Database?

The short answer is yes. In fact you will need to make sure that you can run several databases. There are many web applications that have need of a database to run. Let's say you want to have a Blog on your site. You could download the free script from Wordpress. To set it up it you need a database. There are numerous applications that necessitate databases that you should consider at least getting 5 or 6 available as a bare minimum.

Which Control Panel?

There are a number of diverse ones used by hosting companies. There are two that stand out for simplicity of use. You need to be able to easily know how to use them. The two I like best are Direct Admin and cPanel. Both are first-rate. Many webmasters avow cPanel. I personally prefer Direct Admin better, I think it is the easiest to utilize. The control panel is where you work at the back of your site. Here you will be able to set up email accounts, new databases and much more.

Some Other Things You Should Expect

There are added extras that you should be expecting from your hosting provider. a vital one is a site creator. Does the hosting account come with a simple to use site builder? One of the easiest to use in the business is the Drag And Drop site creator. This is a very powerful creator being able to generate vibrant PHP sites.

Several hosts also supply a members area with marketing information and free of charge downloads. Many of these downloadable products can be useful in setting up your new site.

Location is everything. At the beginning of this article I mentioned location. Your web host is not answerable here. Location is totally up to you. You make the location by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are a lot of things you can and must to do to increase the traffic to your site. This is a different subject we will deal with at another time.
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Lucas Heijn is CEO of LinksParadise a hosting company. LinksParadise specialize in hosting for home business. They supply a package that has been expressly designed with business people in mind. They have a variety of hosting packages to meet your requirements. www.my-web-host.com
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