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Hints for Keyword Success

Apr 30, 2008
To all those using Google AdWords to promote their products the concept of keywords is a sacred one. The effectiveness of their keywords in attracting business is often the deciding factor between success and failure.

If your adwords campaign is not successful, you will be wasting hundreds of dollars on ads that failed to bring in anything but idle clickers, people just looking around at everything.

What isn't known by this group of people is that luck doesn't come into play and careful research doesn't guarantee success also.

Of course taking a look at the database of a search engine will reveal the keywords that attracted the most business in a given time period; but the keywords are going to produce tons of results pages because they are popular. Internet searchers aren't going to look past 5 or 10 pages. So anything beyond that point is not going to be seen.

It is evident that an ad must be among the first pages to be assured of some kind of success. What does that have to do with keywords? To be assured of their ads showing up on the first 5 or 10 pages, those very prime spots, a marketer will have to have one of the higher bids on that keyword.

Of course that indicates that a higher price will be required for each click on the ads if we want to stay on the first pages and not end up on the other ninety nine.

This may not seem like much, but when one takes the time to consider the fact that the advertiser is going to have to pay that sum each and every time that the ad is clicked, whether it generates a sale or not, the potential for lost advertising dollars is tremendous. Therefore, each ad is going to have to be as effective as possible in order to justify the amount of money being spent on it.

If you want your ads to be successful than the keywords need to be successful also.

An optimal keyword should be narrow enough so that it can narrow the field down (like "little league football" rather than "football") but you also want it to be broad enough that someone would actually search for it.

If you are having trouble choosing your keywords for your ads, go and visit some of the terrific tools that Google makes available for the adwords customers. www.adwords.google.com.
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