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Seven Business Names - Ideas For A Name That Lasts A Lifetime

Apr 30, 2008
Good business name ideas help you to create names that will serve your business well for a lifetime.

The following seven business names ideas will create a name that you'll never have to replace:

Business Names: Idea 1 - Think of as many name options as possible.

Business Names: Idea 2 - Choose a name that reflects your business.

Business Names: Idea 3 - Select a name that allows expansion of your business.

Business Names: Idea 4 - Choose a name that makes a positive impression on your business' target market.

Business Names: Idea 5 - Conduct trademark research.

Business Names: Idea 6 - Conduct target market research.

Business Names: Idea 7 - Consider the connotations and sound of the words for each option.

Business Names: Idea 1 - Create Numerous Name Options

Start with lots of business names. Ideas will be eliminated as you process through to determining the best one. So make a long list of name options. Ten options will do, but more are better.

Business Names: Idea 2 - Choose A Name That Reflects Your Business

Does your name really represent your business? Are you so well known that your name will be an asset? If you answered "yes" to either question, you may want to use your name in your business' name. If you answered both questions "no", then don't.

I know an attorney whose last name is Court. "Court" works for a legal office especially since law firms are notorious about naming the firm after the senior partners. However, if he were an accountant, his last name could be a detriment.

Business Names: Idea 3 - Select A Name That Allows Expansion Of Your Business.

Just because you start your business with a specific product doesn't mean that you won't expand into different product lines. Your name should be broad enough to cover your business as it grows.

To exemplify business name ideas two and three, let me tell you what I did. When I started my business in 2000, I named it Sulton Books. Sulton is a blend of my and my husband's last names. "Sulton" portrayed no message to add to the business name and "Books" limited my business to books.

I ended up having to rename my business, partially because of the terrorist attacks in Sept. 2001. I needed to rid my business of the negative connotation of "Sulton." I took that opportunity to select a name, "Best Books Plus" that enhanced the business with a more positive connotation and a greater ability for expansion.

Business Names: Idea 4 - Select A Name That Leaves A Positive Image With Your Target Market

Consider how each business name idea will impress target market members. This requires knowing as much as possible about your target market members so you can select a final name that they will like.

However, remember that you're trying to avoid having to rename your business in the future. So don't link your business name to a target market to the extent that you can't expand into new markets without changing your business name.

Business Names: Idea 5 - Assure That Name Options Are Available

It's vital to determine that none of your name options are already being used by other businesses.

Search for the "United States Patent and Trademark Office" on one of the search engines. The correct site will end in "gov." Once there, you can search for each name option to see if it is a part of a trademark. Eliminate all options that are taken to avoid possible suits and certain renaming of your business.

Business Names: Idea 6 - Research Your Target Market

Next detrmine which ideas that your target market members like best. Ask them what first comes to mind when you mention each business name.

And don't forget to get their reactions to your product. You can get additional business name ideas from their reactions.

Business Names: Idea 7 - Consider The Connotations And Sounds Of The words In Each Business Name Idea

You should consider the connotations and sound of the words in each because a name that sounds pleasant and flows well will generally work best.

And don't forget that words' meaning vary in different cultures. What you consider positive in your culture may not be so in another culture.

Today we live in a multi-cultural nation and world. It's vital to know what words mean across cultures to avoid mistakes like that of "Nova." The name of this American-produced car actually meant "no go" in some languages.

In Conclusion

If you follow the advice under each of seven business name ideas, you'll select a name that will last a lifetime.
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