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Starting an eBay Business - Write A Business Plan

Apr 30, 2008
If you are a small business entrepreneur whether you are the Elevator Mechanic or Servant, there is actually more reason to be organized, not less. While some spontaneity is ideal for and expected of small business, a certain amount of planning is imperative if you are going to compete with what similar institutions offer. Take your time now to really plan the scope of your business and write it down. This will give you a legitimate idea of what your challenges are, your current status, where you want to be in 5 years, and how close you are to achieving them.

The first thing is to remember to get all the details down on paper. This gives you a starting point, and something solid to alter if things need to be changed later on. The planning document can guarantee that you, your hired workers, and your investors are all working toward the goal you want.

The first thing to put on your page is a description of your business. This includes what you do, if you pan to provide any services and what products you will produce. In a word, this will serve as the scope of your business. While it can certainly get expanded later on, you will realize that writing down of your limits and terms is very useful for future development. This is also a good place to include what kind of end game you have. While they can be broad goals that you want to stick to, you should build on it with some rough gross and net income figures that you are hoping to see.

Up next, your small business plan should have to do with the market, both where it stands, your market projections and the way you envision your place in the market. Why your business will draw people to it and how is your product going to affect the market itself? How are you going to draw attention to it and how will your business affect different types of clients? This part of your business plan basically proves your company's right to exist and gives strong reasons why it should be something to put your time and energy into, so take your time and put a good effort into it.

The money end of things is going to be the next thing that you work on. Include license fees, emergency funds, general expenses and anything you can think of that will make you put out money. Because most loan officers will want to read over your business plan primarily for this area, this is of utmost importance for you to have buttoned down. If you are not to sure what to do here, look at examples from similar successful businesses to see what has worked. Although an accurate view of your business where it stands is important, don't forget to keep your eye on your end goal.

Finally, think about management. Who is running things, and what are their responsibilities? This is a good way to maintain your organization and delineate responsibilities. Like the other area of your small business plan, it can be changed, but the vital thing to do is to have it there in the first place.

Take as much effort as it takes to be sure that your business plan is top notch, and you will realize that your small business will start out the way you want it with a great deal more speed.
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