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How Does A 21-Year Old College Dropout Become A Successful Businessman?

Apr 30, 2008
21 years old really isn't a barometer in today's modern America for business and wealth like it would be, say, 20 years ago. LeBron James, being the perfect example, cashed in 100 million dollars in endorsement deals before he even stepped onto NBA hardwood. But an ex-alcoholic who is jaded with public education and basically the laziest guy in the known universe, that being me, would not be worth as much in terms of value to, say, Nike, Adidas, and whoever else wants to throw millions of dollars at what the vast majority of people would consider a kid, like the 18 year old, at the time, LeBron James.

But this isn't about King James. It isn't even about me. It's about a lifestyle that enables me to approach King James' level of income. Not even playing with you. This lifestyle has made people one hundred thousand dollars. In one month. Millions of dollars a year. More than enough to not have to work in fast food to pay off student loans. More than enough to be totally and completely financially free, all without having to ever clock in, fill out online applications for less than ideal retail jobs (that being a generous description), and dealing with the wonderfully acidic "what have you done for me lately?" nature of the general corporate workplace. It's made me more than enough to move out of my family's home, focus on my musical and personal endeavors, and otherwise be completely free of the nine to five "involuntary" servitude of the traditional worker.

This lifestyle is the automated existence of the smart, successful online affiliate marketer.

And you have more than enough potential to become a member of this fraternity of like-minded individuals.

Imagine this: You're holding up a sign that says "Buy now" in the middle of a humongous, perpetually busy, and unsleeping city that just so happens to have a road that leads right to where you are with a never ending sea of people walking to you and past you to get where they need to go. Millions of people pass you by and thousands stop and give you $20. Now imagine that scene happening all day long every day, and instead of you standing there you have a device similar to an ATM machine. The people stop, swipe their card and you get paid instantly. That's what successful affiliate marketing is all about. The venue is humongous, that being the internet, perpetually busy, with millions of ways for people to find your marketed product, and it is unsleeping, with the global community online 24 hours a day.

You will sell products, provide means for others to sell those products, receive money for both selling said products, referring people to sell your products for you, and building membership of affiliate markets all over the world, among many other things all in one website. If you can believe it, the most insane, unbelievable part about it is that that entire process is done for you by a truly generous and wonderful human being, Stone Evans, whose sole pursuit is to help others like me and maybe you find a way to make it in today's chaotic world and the way it is done requires almost no attention on your part. The nitty gritty process is done for you all you have to do is tell people about it.

You don't have to be King James to be a successful financial commodity at a young age, or ANY age for that matter. All you need is the internet, the courage to try something that seems totally insane at first, and to sign up for a few affiliate pages and get a domain. That's under 50 dollars and less than an hour of your time folks.
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Visit my website at http://jacob1986.com and you'll be standing in that neverending human sea of financial opportunity before you know it and you'll learn exactly how great a life you will have. I promise you, you'll start feeling more like King James than the guy in a chicken suit in a HURRY.
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