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How To Increase Your MySpace Music Plays

Apr 30, 2008
Ever wanted to explode onto the music scene with the best song you ever wrote? Well if you use MySpace your chances have just increased.

Ultimately this article is for aspiring musicians and talented artists that have artist profiles on this popular website and want that little extra help in leveling out the battle field and make it possible to compete with the big names in today's music industry.

Have you ever heard of increasing MySpace mp3 song plays? Well, it is the new craze that is rapidly spreading across the internet. The deal is this, they increase your plays, profile views or even your video plays and intern your MySpace chart ranking increases along with your fan count and daily friend requests.

Now I am not a marketing guru but I would think that receiving many plays every day and many profile views every day that would lead to more CD sales and increased exposure to A&R's?

Increasing mp3 plays, profile views and video plays has been recognized by many as the only real way to contend with the big names in the music business. These days if you are not popular on the music charts the question remains to be who are you. The main trick with MySpace is you can give your fans something from your page and they can actually be there and contact you, leave a comment and simply be on a level with you.

Being the powerhouse on the internet with millions and millions of users each and every day, advertising and pushing your music to your fans on MySpace is the cheapest and most simplest option for any artist out there today.

Obviously if you used such services your music better be up to scratch or you would be wasting your marketing $$ exposing bad music, which is not really what you want, so you must make sure your music is of HQ (high quality) and that you can be contacted or all your work and effort will be a waste.

On one hand I would think that the likeliness of succeeding in such a manner would fail due to MySpace's strict policies, but on the other hand I think many do fool the giant in making them look so real that they are very hard to detect, and maybe even if the increase system is smart enough, undetectable.

Though the 1 area for this system I see may fail, is if the play delivery system stopped for a while and then kicked back in with massive numbers, surely they would detect something there. But really I think all the visits are done so stealthy by using proxies and different referrers that MySpace can not really do anything, as far as they could know you are just simply marketing you or your bands page, or you could of just done a concert etc.

So if you are considering using this kind of service to increase your mp3 music plays I would be very careful and sure to start off small and slowly increase over a time frame that looks
fairly realistic!
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