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So You Wanna Be An Internet Business Tycoon

Aug 17, 2007
The Internet has become, without a doubt, an essential part of our lives. Many of you have even started an Internet home based business (with no real experience) with the intent of realizing financial freedom. Interestingly, just like you, I also asked the same question, "Can I create and market a lucrative internet business?" The answer is absolutely YES!

I presume you have been reading a lot about internet marketing and home business. You've undoubtedly seen those spectacular, and sometimes unrealistic, claims that you will "make $106,365.32 overnight!" I have no clue where they get these numbers, but the 32 cents always makes me smile. Sure, you can make thousands overnight. Once your business web site is refined, solid and secure; and you've established a presence on the Internet. It is just reasonable, that when crafting and starting a business, a plan is essential to your success.

Now, the predicament is "Where should I start?" With all those marketing programs promising to turn us into millionaires overnight, it's hard to know where to begin and how to do it right. Know this. There is no quick and easy path to success and wealth. Get that out of your head. If you want to succeed and get rich, you can. But you're going to work hard and your going to work long and if you refuse to give up (in spite of the pitfalls) you will get there.

Ok, hold on, take a big breath and clear your head. Are you really sure you want to start a home based business? Are you ready to make that pledge to work toward your business and life goals even though you won't see those promised $$millions$$ overnight? The key element is to stay on track with a solid business plan - and stick to it - if you want to have a profitable business and steer clear of failure.

My most important advice to you is to follow your gut and stay focused on your businesses main concept. I am not going to deceive you by suggesting you will build a lucrative internet business overnight. I am ready to tell you: Yes, you can create a money-making business by adhering to a plan and being consistent. Your determination, audacity, and passion will be your driving force to keep you on the proper business track, full steam ahead toward a profitable business.

I encourage you to create a detailed business plan. At the same time, make a list of your goals and what you want to get from your venture. Think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to execute your plan. Start out by writing down words that describe what you want. Then, make sentences using those words. Finally, make paragraphs using the sentences you just created. Can you see how you are crafting a roadmap to success? Everything you've written so far can be used as content for your business plan and your goal tracking.

Every day, check-off all the items you have achieved in your quest toward your goal. Think long and hard before spending money on marketing. Take my advice (I've been there, done that, got the T-shirt) most marketing services such as traffic promises, advertising link offers, safe-lists, etc. aren't likely to work. In fact, when you're just starting out, they will certainly just be a waste of money. I believe your money is better spent buying software applications and scripts that can add to the value of your web site while making it more functional in the areas of list building, traffic generation, search engine optimization, article marketing and web site design and development. This way, YOU have total control and your investment was minimal. You also own the software, so you can use it over and over as long as it works for you. I have software applications that I have been using for years that only cost me a one-time investment of $47 to $67. That's what I call Return on Investment.

Look for a few good free ways to market your business. There are some decent free concepts out there, but be careful, you usually get what you pay for. Above all, live your entrepreneurial dream 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's your business and if you get pleasure from, and benefit from your business, you will undoubtedly build a lucrative Internet based home business.

However, you must be realistic and know that in order to building a profitable business, you need to stick to your plan until you realize your goals and the business is running smoothly. Friends and family will try to discourage you and may even think you're a bit looney. This is where you have to follow your gut. Be committed and reach back into yourself for every ounce of self-confidence you can muster.

Remember, there are two types of people. There are those who make things happen and those who watch things happen. You, naturally, belong in the first group, as you already took the challenge to pursue your business goal toward financial success with a pragmatic perspective. Most important of all, be passionate about your Internet business, imagine your business the way you know it will be. Just remember, you must believe what you are saying and you must like your business selection, otherwise, you will be miserable and give up as soon as you reach your first obstacle.

Applaud every accomplishment you make. Each step takes you closer to your main goal, which is realizing financial success via a profitable internet business. You can do this. You have what it takes to make it happen.

I believe that each one of us has the potential to accomplish anything we want. It is just a matter of sticking to our business plan and following each and every step. Are you ready to build a profitable, global Internet business?
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