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Market Research Methods For Seo Rankings

Apr 30, 2008
Keyword research is the first step we take towards seo rankings but sometimes these market research methods have a poor effect on our sites because we don't fully understand the concepts. Give me the facts - I'll draw my own confusions! It is a complex subject and even when we think we know it well, we often trip over something simply because we don't know it's there. What you may not know can hurt your seo rankings and sometimes a heavy hand with what you do know can too.

A problem that search engines encounter often is the design of websites that purely use advanced programming such as C++, JavaScript or CGI. If the navigation links within your site are powered by these advanced scripts alone, the search engine will not be able to fully browse your site. You need to provide links in basic HTML so that the engine can read your website. Its difficult to get seo rankings for something that can't be read and indexed.

It can take months for a website with a new domain name (.com, .org or .edu) to show up on search engines. Google has imposed an ageing delay on new websites so that it doesn't waste time on indexing websites that don't last long. If later you want to change your domain name, I suggest you rethink and use what you have instead. A cosmetic facelift of your existing web pages along with several new good quality SEO articles may serve you better in the long run for seo rankings. When you already know all the ins and outs of your website, then it's so much easier to revise than replace because of familiarity. If you think a better domain name is called for by all means buy it and put a blog on it, linking to your existing site. Best of both worlds and extra links.

Some internet marketers make the mistake of placing researched keyword requirements above that of article quality. It is necessary to use market research methods for keyword phrases because until you know what other people are targeting and what the competition is for some key phrases you may be mistakenly optimizing for seo rankings on something you just can't have. Once you have eliminated these saturated phrases, you have a better idea of what you may be able to use.

At first glance, it will still seem sensible to optimize an article for researched keywords rather than be concerned with artistic considerations, true relevance or honest, from the heart writing. However, bear in mind that not everyone will want to buy your product or idea even if it is suitable to everyone. You know that what you sell is saleable only to a certain target market. If you prioritize keyword optimization in your article just for seo rankings, rather than writing the article for the sake of the product you want to sell and to offer information to your target audience, chances are you will attract buyers for a commodity that you do not have.

The keyword here is relevance. A person searching the internet for something he needs will filter out the search results by using their own theory of relevance . My suggestion is, write the article for the sake of your product and for your target customers information. Place the priority of keywords as a secondary consideration. It's all about relevance. Sure, it would be a plus for you if you manage to pull in lots of traffic even if they don't want anything to do with your site or products. But believe me, misleading a person in the internet is a risky business. Search engines analyse your hits and bounce rates, if your traffic clicks away after seconds, they know your site isn't satisfying them by showing them what they need.

Be specific with your keywords. Don't generalize. The biggest disadvantage of internet shopping is that customers cannot scrutinize the product personally. What they usually do is find out from other sources what the product is all about, how it works, etc... When they decide to finally buy, they know in detail what they're looking for and will most likely use a specific name brand as part of their search strings. Your keywords need to be able to match those strings in terms of number of words matched and how the order of those words match.

For example, when looking for bras, women need to order by using their torso and cup size.So, the bra size could be a 36 B or a 36 C. Then there are colors to choose from like red, burgundy and black. A bit more specific is the bra classification. Is it a half-cup or a push-up, or is it a sport bra? With these factors in mind, you can conclude that a woman looking for a bra on the internet can type in "black push-up bra 36-C".

If you are selling products with criteria such as this, use this specific information for your seo rankings. Do you have key phrases to match those kinds of search strings? Are the words in your key phrases arranged in the same order? The final consideration is the article where those keywords are embedded. If the article is just a small jumble of words full of keywords, the search engine will most likely discard your website in favor of another that has a good paragraph of relevant descriptive information. This will decrease the seo ranking of your website for each search results page.
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