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Do I Have Options in Pay-Per-Click Programming Besides Google's?

Apr 30, 2008
Pay-per-click advertising has led the way to a new dimension of growth in inter-net marketing. The facts are that the search engines saw the opportunity to realize profits from internet marketing and they took it. Yes, but what difference does that make?

Consider the old style of advertising. The company whose resources you were using to advertise, whether it was a television, newspaper, radio or webpage, would charge you a fee. For that fee your ad would be displayed for a set amount of time and anyone who wanted to could come see it.

Then somebody got to thinking and decided that this way of doing it was not quite fair for the internet; because not every ad medium has the same benefits. They also figured that if ads got a lot of viewings because the webpage it was showing on had a lot of net surfers come each day, then why not have both the page owner and the advertiser gain from that fact.

Of course, it wouldn't necessarily be good for business to simply raise the price for advertising; what if it didn't bring in extra business and the site developed a poor reputation?

Therefore, we have the beginnings of pay-per-click advertising.

Advertisers write ad copy for a product or service and use keywords they selected and analyzed with care to see if they would be profitable. Then their ads are given to the search engines to display.

Each time someone searches on the web for a particular keyword the search engine will display the ad. When the ad is clicked on and the searcher goes from the ad to the website linked to the ad, the advertiser pays the search engine a small fee, usually under a dollar, and it is good business for the search engine and the advertiser.

The search-engines also took it a little further and let an advertiser who will pay more money per click to have their ads displayed on the top of the heap, thus receiving greater opportunity for viewing and greater quantities of traffic, and hopefully greater profits for the advertiser as well as the search engine.

If asked to give the name of some pay per click 'PPC' advertising tool many folks could come up with Google or Google AdWords; yet Google is only one of many search engines that offer pay-per-click services.

Yahoo!, ABC Search, Search Feed, 7 Search, MIVA, Findology, Microsoft AdCenter and Ask.com all allow marketers to advertise with them on a pay per click basis. The prosperous marketer will be the one that is willing to step out from the comfort zone of Google and AdWords and test their advertising skills in these uncharted waters.
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