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How to Boost Your Business with an eBay Store

Apr 30, 2008
Selling on eBay is pretty easy to break into. All you need to set up are PayPal and eBay accounts, then take some pictures of your products, and add a few listings. If your items are in demand, you will certainly sell out due to eBay's amazing traffic levels! As you sell more product you can grow your listings and business. When you get to this stage, you should look into opening an eBay store. This will allow you to list multiple items and give you the chance of multiple sales.

eBay says you should thonk about opening a basic store if you sell more than $100 of product per month through eBay. Their basic store is just $16 per month, and you get the basic features. If your business keeps growing, you can upgrade to the other types of store.

Even with the basic store, you get a pretty wide range of features and benefits. Even at the basic level, you get your home page, and an unlimited number of pages to sell your products.

As you go up through the levels, you will get more benefits. One of these benefits is being able to customize your pages, and you get more pages at higher levels. At the higher level, you get Selling Manager Pro, which is an expanded feature rich version of the Selling Manager you get with a basic store.

Once you have your eBay store, your store will also occasionally be featured on the "Shop eBay Stores" section. If you have a basic store setup, you won't receive this additional benefit, though you will still enjoy some exposure. As you move into higher levels, your store will get featured more and more frequently. You will also gain access to traffic reporting and advanced market research tools. If you are planning to sell many products, setting up an eBay store is a move that you should certainly consider making.
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