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Finding The Best Internet Business For You

Apr 30, 2008
You are ready to start making money from home business. How do you decide which company to join? You surf the net and find an unlimited number of offers. Tons of fancy, great looking web sites. Some are straight forward and some bombard you with so much written information it makes your head spin. Some are very simple in design and some have professionally designed and professionally written content. When you see something you like, do you impulse buy?

What about cost? The cost to buy into these companies. The Startup cost. How much do you need to spend. The buy in cost can range from free to $12,000.00 or more! There is really no reason to spend more than $100.00! There are quite a few reliable businesses that can actually make you money! There are many, many more that are never going to work for you! More and more are just outright scams, looking to get your money and not caring whether you succeed or not. There are a lot that sound so good but you will not be able to duplicate their success. The free tend to be selling products similar to Amway, Avon or Mary Kay. Many of these have inventory or kit cost and tend to be face to face sales.

For myself I choose not to sell face to face or on the phone. I do not want to personally sell anything. It makes me feel like a used car salesman! LOL

So how do we find the right opportunity for us? We can do our own do diligence. We can research the internet and try to learn enough to make an informed decision. You can do like I did and spend upwards of $9,500.00 to learn some very hard lessons. I have found a few successful opportunities and am still involved with three. I like multiple Streams of Income. Why? The Internet is a very fast changing world and what is profitable today may be gone tomorrow. I would rather lose a $300.00 a month check than a $3,000.00 one. With that in mind I whole heartily recommend that you find a great company first and concentrate till it becomes profitable. When you have the first one running on autopilot (not using much of your time) you can begin the next. The idea is not to make $10,000.00 a month on one but to make many smaller checks from many sources. This does not mean you cannot make money right out of the chute, because you most certainly can! I suggest you use a small amount of your profit from the first to start the next business. What you learn from the first will carry over to the next and greatly shorten the time from startup to profitability.

So with all this in mind, how do we choose the right opportunity? I think trying to learn enough on your own is really a waste of time. I highly suggest you look at Review sites. The good ones are ran by knowledgeable people with a lot of experience. They will have filtered out the rip offs, scams and the businesses that just are not duplicable.

If you would like more information on these Review Sites, Follow the links below to a couple that I found to be very Reliable.
About the Author
Bobby Winchell is an Internet Marketing Mentor and Couch and is an accomplished Businessman with 35 years of Marketing Experience.. If you are ready to start Your own Business follow the links below to two great review Sites! http://TOP-TEN-BIZOPPS.COM http://SCAMFREE-REVIEW.COM
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