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Getting Down To The Basics Of Article Marketing

Apr 30, 2008
Article marketing is a good way for you to not only get the word out on your business, but on your skills as a writer as well. The problem with many writers nowadays is that they either swing toward all great content but no real engaging writing, or pure fun writing without any real content. You will need to catch yourself in the balance of either type of good writing, and in dearth of other good writers who do not have your skills, you can make a lot of money by writing online content. All you need to do is to have sample articles online.

There are many ways for you to market your articles. First, there are article marketplaces, where you can pick topics to write on, and where you can post articles that you have written so that people can choose you to write for their next gig. Such article marketplaces will contain large amounts of writing content on various topics, and you can choose topics on which to write on. The problem with article marketplaces is that your article will not sell itself, and you need to be able to market your site within the article marketplace so that you are ensured of clients at the end of your working day.

Another way for you to literally market your writing skills is to put up a blog, and then have it listed in the directories of major search engines. This can be a difficult, tedious process, especially where the marketing and getting the word out is concerned. However, you can make the process much faster by linking to other blogs that have almost the same content as yours, and you can make new friends by blog hopping and promising reciprocal linkages. Blog hopping can also work to your advantage: you can find a lot of good topics to write about and get more writing ideas from your friends' blogs.

Yet another way for you to enjoy your blogging experience while earning from it is through paid blogging. Some blogging companies pay for each post that you make, and you only need to sign up for gigs, and then bid on them. The problem with such a set up is that you need to be constantly up and about looking for topics that interest you and that you can write about, because such marketplaces can be crowded, and people will be scrambling to be the first to write a topic. You may want to have articles ready for the bidding process, since many people who commission articles also would like to see samples of your work.

Be careful about posting your articles online, however. Not all companies welcome having their articles posted on another site, so you might be violating a few copyright laws if you are not careful. Moreover, be careful with how you write your articles, especially if you are just starting out: go through manuals of style and be meticulous in correcting your grammar; always run your spell check, and, when in doubt, consult a dictionary. Nothing marks a good writer more than being careful with how one writes. Of course, being engaging should be thrown into the bargain, but no matter how engaging and content-rich a work is, it will be off putting to see grammatical and typographical errors.

These are only a few tips that you may want to follow when doing article marketing. For more information, talk to article marketing experts on how you can improve your craft and get the income that you want.

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