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How To Make $500 Daily As An Affiliate With Zero Capital!

Apr 30, 2008
Yes,you can make $500 per day from Affiliate programs with zero capital and I mean it.Even though this process does not require money,it requires a lot of wits,time and energy.Travis Sago calls it Bum Marketing but I call it 'Zero to Hero Marketing'.Why? It will take you fom zero capital to hero in no time if you implement the information in this article.But,if you don't,too bad.Knowledge,in itself,will do you no good,but the application of it.So,pick up your jotter and follow me as I take you into the world of 'Zero to Hero Marketing.'

Step No 1-Sign up for an Affiliate Account at Clickbank, Commission Junction,etc.Surf around their marketplace and look for high-paying affiliate programs and then,you join. For instance,you can join a Weightloss Affiliate Program.

Step No 2-You need to come up with article titles relating to weightloss and write those articles.Now,don't write on any title that does not have between 1000-5000 searches a month,even though this may differ from article directory to article directory.So,how do you know the number of searches? Just use this free Keywords Tool. If you type in Weightloss,it brings you the number of searches being done on weightloss and the different aspects of weightloss being searched.This takes care of the demand side of the keyword.That is,how many people are searching for what you want to promote as an affiliate?

Now that you know the number of searches being done on the keyword of your choice, go to Google and search for that same keyword you want to use to write your article.At the top of the page,you will see the number of pages that contain the keyword.This takes care of the supply side of the keyword and is an indicator of the size of your competition if you write on that keyword.Now,if there are billions of pages on a keyword you want to target,don't go for it.You will end up writing article upon article and you will not feature anywhere near the Google First Page.So,go for keywords with low competition.

Step No 3-Once you have found low-competition keywords,write articles on them and then submit them to article directories,such as,Ezinearticles, Goarticles, Isnare.For instance,going by our weightloss example,there are some low competition keyword phrases,such as,'get rid of excess weight','burn excess fat',etc.I have not searched these keywords and cannot say they are low-competion but I mentioned them to give you examples of how to come up with phrases that you can write articles about.You have to be able to come up with low-competition keywords which will make your articles be on the number 1 slot on Google whenever people search for that keyword or phrase.

Step No 4-Put your Affiliate Link in your Resource Box.That is the about the author info.Now,some article directories allow direct linking to an affiliate site but some don't,so,you have to check this out.Your resource box can be as simple as this-'If you found the above tips on weightloss useful,you can learn more about weightloss and diets at...(your affiliate link or a website containing info on weightloss).

Repeat this same process for other niches,other than weightloss and you get to make a cool $500 daily with zero capital.And this is money that comes in on autopilot because your articles may get picked up and used by a large publication and that means,more cash for you.A case of working once and getting paid forever!

That's it.It's as simple as that but it works all the time.You can find more help and information about this Affiliate Marketing Strategy at BumMarketingMethod.com.
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