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Florist Marketing Tips

Apr 30, 2008
There are so many great things about working in the florist industry. Florist marketing tips won't tell you all of the things that make it worth while, but they're totally there. Smelling those beautiful flowers day after day, working with people who want to send bouquets to brighten up someone's day, all of it is completely worth it, and I wouldn't change a thing if I had a chance. However, it can be hard to market myself as a florist, because of many factors. Florist marketing tips aren't easily found today, so you usually have to go it alone. But it can be difficult. There's lots of us out there, and it can be hard to make a dent in the market. It can also be hard to get my name out where other people can see it, with all of the big wig and professional florists that are out there as my competition. However, I have found that there are a couple of ways that I can market myself as a florist, and get the best business possible. Florist marketing tips might be hard to come by, but take it from a pro; they'll be worthwhile for you.

First of all, I really concentrate on the things that I have to offer that big names might not. For one, I'm local, which means that the people I work with will actually get a chance to know me. I play that up when I talk to people and am always sure to remember some little detail about them so that they'll like using me for a florist and come back again and again. I also am sure to remember things like birthdays and anniversaries, and call or send a card. Working a small town, this is easier. When I worked in a larger community, it was hard to do, but I still tried to do it if I could. With my email program I can set alarms to remind me of birthdays and other special occasions in the lives of my clients, and this helps me remember them. Trust me; remembering clients is the best way to keep them coming back. And happy clients are also the best marketing strategy that I have, because they talk to others. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get clients, and as a florist, one of the biggest florist marketing tips that I know is getting people to like you so they'll talk good about you.

The other florist marketing tip that I've got to offer is to concentrate on your strengths. That's what I do, and what makes me successful. For instance, if I was working in a small florist shop, I'd concentrate on getting those local orders more than the ones from all over. But, if I was working on getting orders online, I could expand my advertising and my marketing to be all over the world. It's all about doing what you can to stay in the business. Most of my florist marketing tips have to do with playing to the strengths that you've got. Make a website if you can, or have a friend do one for you, and then get your website address out there. And always, be positive about what we do! That will help!
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