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How Setting Goals For Staff Helps Productivity

May 1, 2008
If you're a business owner you probably realize how important it is to have both personal and career goals. If you don't have goals, you won't have the motivation that you need to get to where you want to be.

If you have employees, you need to set goals for them as well. As the person who guides them, you can help them set their own goals and show them how impressive goals can be. As the employees reach their goals, you will find that this will also benefit your business.

Start your employees with a large goal, something like where do they see themselves in ten years. Inspire them to think big. Maybe even owning their own business or having a top management position might be their goal. Get them to break this down into a shorter 5 year goal. What would they like to learn between now and the next 5 years to help them reach their long term goal?

From 5 years, the employees can break the goal down into a 3 year goal. They can then shorten it to 1 year and even further to 6 months if they wish.

See if there are things that you can help your employees with to reach their goals. You may be able to teach basic web design to someone interested in learning how to build a website. They could volunteer to take over the maintenance for your website. From this they could receive valuable experience and help you in the process by giving you some more free time.

Some of your employees will set goals beyond your business. It may be beneficial for you to stay in contact with them as they could become a possible business contact for you someday.

Since you already know each other's work styles, you will be able to form an easy partnership. Even though this person may no longer be your employee, you can still benefit from their knowledge and skills.

Not every employee has the desire to have their own business. Some will be just as happy working with you as an employer for many years. By having these employees set goals while working with you, you will keep them energized and motivated.

Your business will flourish as your employees learn new skills and take on more responsibility. They will come together as a group and help you with your business which might not happen if you don't encourage them to set goals for themselves.
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