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How to Publish a Radio Show on the Internet

May 1, 2008
Internet radio shows are becoming the next big thing, with no signs of this slowing down anytime soon. Having a radio show is an effective way to get new customers, and grow your relationships with current ones. It is also a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your particular field.

You may think that having a radio show on the internet is hard, or requires special expensive equipment. It is much easier than you think. There are so many advances in this area, that you can get your show going with very little cost upfront. You can also make money off your show if you choose to accept sponsors or by promoting affiliate programs. This will make up for any expenses you might incur by doing the show.

When you are looking at actually recording the show, there are many options you can choose from. One easy option is Audio Acrobat. They are a subscription service that makes doing a radio show or podcast recording very simple. Simply use a microphone connected to your computer, or you can even use a telephone. By phone, you are given a special phone number to call- it is also an easy way to get feedback from your listeners, collect testimonials, or even collect quick tips from featured experts.

If you want to interview someone you have several options. First of all, you can use Audio Acrobat. You simply reserve a teleconference line. You can find many free options by performing a Google search. Once you have the teleconference number and pass code, you can give that to the person you are interviewing. You can both dial into the teleconference line, and then you can three-way call your Audio Acrobat number and record the conversation.

You might also opt to use Skype, which is internet based. Skype allows you to talk to other Skype users for free, but there is a fee charged when talking to non-Skype customers. You use a microphone on your computer and log into Skype. The dialer system allows you to contact those with a phone number. Skype will let you record your conversation. Later, you upload that conversation audio file into Audacity.

What is Audacity? It is a free mixing and editing program that lets you combine several audio files into one single file. You can take your commentary, your interviews, your ads, etc, and create one audio file. At this point you use the free Lame Recorder to convert your file into an MP3.

If you have subscribed to Audio Acrobat, you can upload your Mp3 file into your account and have it hosted for free. You can create a streaming audio player to add to your site, which your visitors can listen to at their leisure. You also have the option of providing a link that allows your visitors to download your audio to their computer or Mp3 player. In fact, Audio Acrobat has iTunes integration, so your listeners can automatically receive your new recordings.

If you choose not to go with Audio Acrobat, you can still put your audio files on your site. You will have to make sure with your hosting provider that you have enough space to upload it, as audio files certainly take up a lot of space.

Creating your own internet radio show can be such an easy endeavor. It is worth looking into as it can not only be simple, but also quite profitable.
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