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Social Marketing. The New Tool In Network Marketing

May 1, 2008
If you stand still, the Internet will blow right past you. It is constantly changing and evolving. The Network Marketers who realize this and stay with the trends will succeed. One such trend that is changing is how people now connect and find information via The Internet.

Social networking sites are becoming more and more popular on the internet. People are finding various communities and taking advantage of the ability to share and connect with like minded people. Search engines are no longer the number one means for locating the information they desire. They turn to the social networks and the experiences and suggestions from the participants in these networks. The number of adults and business people participating in these social networks is the fastest growing segment of the population to do so. The income level of this segment tends to be higher than average.

Contrary to what many people may think, these sites are not only for teens and young adults. Small business owners, lawyers, musicians, affiliate marketers along with many other segments of the population are participating in these communities. People who want and need what you have to offer will now be seeking you. You attract them with your profiles which may include pictures, audio, text as well as video. These profiles will have highly qualified prospects calling you and sending you emails.

Become the hunted instead of the "hunt-ee".

Chasing friends, family and co-workers gets real old real fast. Imagine having interested people contacting you. No more cold calling leads and having them be rude and obnoxious. Working your business will no longer be a chore. Of course you will still face rejection, but the types of interactions you will be having with people will be far more pleasant and productive. With the ability to generate free prospects who already view you as a leader, your downline will start to grow with a lot less effort.

Did these methods work in the past? I am sure they probably did. The problem is, they have been seen a million times and have lost their effectiveness. Not only that, people don't enjoy doing them. These activities scare most people and make them feel very uncomfortable. If newcomers take advantage of the less fearful techniques of social marketing, they will have a better chance of success.

The creation of residual income comes from two factors. First you need a product that the public needs and wants and second you need to have methods in place that will consistently locate new customers. If these methods are not easy to follow and replicate they will not be of much use. When your downline starts to see results from the simple methods you taught them, your residual income will begin to grow.

Let's get started!

Success in your network marketing business will begin to manifest once you become involved with Social Marketing and start having prospects hunting you down. The next couple of years will offer valuable benefits to the home business owners who start using Web 2.0 techniques.
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