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Create An Income From Low Cost Sites

May 1, 2008
Working a full-time Job and trying to make money online can be difficult. Lack of time and family responsibilities can make finding enough time to create sites almost impossible. It doesn't help when many e-books tell you to do thinks like write 5 articles a day for distribution. Outsourcing the work is not usually an option as you will be spending a lot of money even before you start to make an income.

At the Income academy membership site we have had numerous people join who have spent a lot of money on e-books and programs but have no income to show for it. This is usually due to a number of things. either they haven't had the time or the programs have been developed for users with more expertise.

I talked to several people who have already spent over $1500 and don't know why they haven't made any money. What they haven't realized is that no matter what the program you are going to need to promote it.

I saw a thread in a forum this week where the guy was just starting out and had a plan to spend this week building 30 sites. I tried to explain to him that he would do much better by building 1 or 2 and concentrating on those but he was adamant that by building 30 he would find a few that would be successful. Unless he finds a magic bottle with a genie it's not going to happen.

You should be looking for sites that you can set up quickly and that will take up as little time as possible with maintenance. This leaves you with more time for the all important site promotion. Any profits you make can then be put towards outsourcing other projects.

When I started out I created a series of Adsense sites, they were quick to build, I added some unique content to them on a semi regular basis and did a small bit of promotion work. This income soon built up until it was at a level where I could afford to undertake bigger projects and know that I would still have an income at the end of the month.

You should look to use as many of the free resources available to you as possible when you are starting out. Use tools like Wordpress to build your sites, you can then easily add Adsense or affiliate programs to earn money. Use google alerts to get topics you can write about on your Wordpress site. I created a site with Wordpress and a datafeed from Goldencan which has already made me over $300 this year. All for a cost of an $8 domain.

There are many free resources available. a quick search around the internet and a few forums will throw up a whole host of them.

At The Income Academy we are passionate about using low cost low maintenance methods of creating a solid online income. You can find out more by vising The Income Academy by clicking on the link below
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