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May 1, 2008
Here are three things to consider for those interested in moving to New Zealand. This information will give you some things to consider. You should definitely not stop with these considerations though. Keep in mind that your situation is different than any other and you will have information that is particular to that. Use this and your own information and you should be well prepared.

Settling in the main centers helps you achieve the highest pay rates. The reasons for this are pretty obvious. The main centers are concentrated areas of population and industrialization. With this mass of people in one place, a large number of jobs are created. Also, with the level of industrialization and modern economy pay rates are higher. With specialized jobs and upper-level jobs, come higher pay and these sorts of jobs are more common in the main centers. There are also jobs such as office jobs, technology jobs and high-paying jobs, these are less common outside of the main centers and may not exist in some places.

Achieving a Work life balance is a big part of wanting to move

A job may not always be the focus of your life, but others things are present and those things may actually help you to perform better at your job. The prevalence or absence of certain life options may be some of the reason you are considering a change. transition.

Only 4 million people live in New Zealand so if you are a professional, you may experience a pay cut.

While those upper-level jobs may be more prevalent in the three main centers,where there are more people. That combination may result in pay cuts for certain segments of the work force; among those segments are the professionals. Take a look before beginning your change. If you enjoy your job and excited about the life opportunities it may be worth the possibility of reduced pay. You may consider changing positions or industries, etc. to limit the reduction in salary or you may be able to plan for a reduced cost of living.

So in summary never hesitate to ask for help from those who will provide it. Look at some of the job market numbers and, if you can, go ahead and contact people before beginning your change. New Zealand wants to grow and there are a growing range of people ready to help you make a move for the right reasons.
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